View Full Version : install problems....again >_<

11-02-2003, 17:24
well deja vu again.:mad:

anyways, i had to reinstall mtw/vi because VI was acting all buggy, it stops at around 1097-1100, dont know the exact reason, and i tried it with all the factions, it stops during those years. so after quite sometime (half the f00kin day) i decided to reinstall the game, and yes i followed how to uninstall it(mtw 1st then VI).

so now... here i am, all over again, trying to install the godforsaken game...ARGH. it always stops at the 2nd disk, right around the "music" files...notable the "arab charge" file... wtf?. im guessing its because my cd has so many scratches so anyone if theres this, err thing that removes the scratches?

im desperate, i already tried all night last night to install this damn thing, it takes like 30 minutes to install to cd 2 >_<
*bangs head on keyboard*

11-02-2003, 20:02
see if you can copy your music files directly off the cd to your harddrive. if you can, then it&#39;s not the cd. if you cant, then you can try one of those scratch remover devices sold in computer stores.

you can also try copying all your files over to harddrive and see if you can install from there. i&#39;ve never tried this with this game, so i dont know firsthand if that will work or not with this game.

you can also try installing to a different location than what you had before. if there are any registry items left over from the un-install, this might get past those.

also, try removing any left over files or directories from the folders. not your save games and maps, but the working files, especially if you have any mods.

other than all that, i&#39;d say try a regedit and remove any keys related to the game that might be left over.

and if all that fails, call Activision support or use their web site support. i think someone else had this same problem and had to call Activision and they walked him through a regedit and got it going.