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06-19-2007, 06:18
Hi,guy!AS a Chinese,I really like this mod,and I really really want to play it.But I have a small requestlease don't forget the Chinese handguner.When the AD 15-16th,The Ming army's 40% are handguners.

This kind of handgun looks like this."三眼铳(San yan chong)" is his name,means "three eyes gun" it has two or three gun barrels,very powerful,but only has a range of 20m

And Ming army always have racket launcher,The biggest one is"一窝蜂(yi wo feng,means one nest bee)" there are many pictures(but the explanations have many wrong):


And here is a Light Gun 虎蹲炮(hu dun pao,means the squatted tiger Gun),it uses canister,has a range of 25-30m:

Heavy Gun 大将军炮(da jiangjun pao,means Big General Gun)


From the end of the AD 16th,Ming army begin to use the more powerful westen weapns:

harquebus.Chinese name鸟铳(niao chong,means bird gun),it come from Portugal and Japan,Ming copied many

westen cannon.Chinese name 红夷大炮(hong yi da pao,means red Barbarian cannon),come from England,Ming could copy but quantity

is small:

By the way ,In 1592 and 1597 war,Ming army is main force ,they destroy Japan's land force and half of the navy.At field operations,Japan army can't defeat Ming's cavalry .

Friends,here are three very beautiful pictures.The author's name is 蒋振威(Jiang zhenwei),a citizen of PRC)

Ming General:

Ming hanggun caralry 跳荡骑(tiao dang qi,means sudden attck and destroy cavalry).They are guard of the north imporal and powerful enemy of mongol.


06-19-2007, 06:25
Ming general:


06-19-2007, 16:24
Thanks you guys :2thumbsup:

06-20-2007, 01:32
There are not going to be any guns/cannons in this mod I believe.

06-20-2007, 13:01
Maybe later... it's difficult to made guns, and guns effect.

12-16-2009, 04:39
Ming's troop has no the Classification of heavy & light in 16-17 centuries

The north garrisons' name is from these 12 military strongholds:
for example:Liaodong & Jizhen troop 遼東兵 and 薊鎮兵
they including:
cavalry(馬兵)-including mounted archer & mounted fiream(using single or three tube open fires & long shank Hand Gunners ),their subsidiary are short single-blade sword & lance or other cold arms. But Ming-army has their own small & middle carnons, for eample folangchi style(佛郎機)& chinese created carrige hoop carnon for example:great general(大將軍炮) & killed tartary(滅虜炮), a kind of motar like a prone tiger(虎蹲炮).By the way,these carnons also the main styles in Ming's fiream carriage(車營). Some north-west cavalry is from yeoman. The ming cavalry has chain mail, Brigandine & iron & fabric armet.

infantry(步兵)- ming's north garrisons is from Weisuo(衛所), the hereditary military family & enlisted. In the later ming, enlisted soldiers has been instead of Weisuo gradually. The tridinal soldiers from Weisuo are flunky & they have few train & low combat effectiveness,their weapon are also not superior. They often to be regards as the the outpost or town guards. Enlisted soldiers' combat effectiveness are higher than Weisuo troop, they usually to fight. The weapon is like the cavalry, also use different fiream. They have few chain mail & Brigandine, also have the cap insted of the armet.

fiream carriage(車營)- the ming's fiream carriage is a protective troop, they are infantry with fiream carriage, the carriage was be revised folk style, they have 3 styles: light & heavy fiream carriage, baggage vehicles, they have 2 to 4 whees. Infantry used fireams & carnons to hide behind carriage to shoot in the battlfield, although they still equipped cold arms.For the fiream, pls see the description of cavalry.

south-east enlisted soldier(南兵)- they are usual enlisted from south-east & littoral provinces,the original troops is from General Qijiguang 's(戚继光) troop. They have few chain mail & Brigandine & often equiped cap & 3/4 length thick coat. They have high combat effectiveness & use rattan shield, arquebus & japanese sword. They are disciplined in battlefield.

bodyguard(家丁)- they are the main combat-worthy troops, they are also the general's personal troops, they also from badman ,killer & mongol warriors. They have the high soldier's pay and provisions, even most of troops has few soldier's pay and provisions or their commision are usually to be defaulted in 16-17 centuries.

other special troops:
mongol warriors(達兵 or 夷兵)
japanese musketers(倭兵)
They are usually captured & some of them are lansquenets or translator.

The other mings' troops are from inland provinces. For example: Sichuan troops(四川兵)& Maohulu posseman(毛葫蘆兵) in Henan(河南) province, they are brave but no disciplined, South-west toast troops & littoral provinces' navy & the palace guards.

12-25-2009, 09:20

the troops of Choson kingdom(Yi clan)朝鮮李朝 (The middle of 16-17 century), only missing Choson arquebuser(晚期朝鮮砲手)

the troops of late Ming empire晚期明代 (1520-1644.AD)