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Thread: MTW-Redux Beta Released!

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    Default Re: HRE-campaign in Redux v1004 (Hard)

    Anyhow, some Redux news... Today the unipatch for RXB1005 is released...

    The Redux universal patch is valid for all 1005-versions, and what does is to update RXB1005 to RXB1005c. As such it updates and corrects a number of minor errors of previous 1005-releases, regardless the kind. The "unipatch" is fully save-game compatible and does not change the game-experience in any way, other then correcting detected errors, bugs and typos. It is important that you select/use/apply ONLY the stuff from the folder that corresponds to the MTW-version you are using. If you do that, there will be no problems with this patch and Redux will update just fine upon install (using standard method of copy, paste and replace in game-directory).

    Patch Name: RXB-Unipatch 1005c
    Patch Version: 1005c
    Language: English
    Terms of Use: P.U.O, Personal Use Only (restricted material).
    Size: Zipped 0.5MB/Uncompressed 1.4MB
    Compatibility: RXB1005 versions only (all versions).
    Operating System: -
    Hardware: -
    Description: see above...
    Credits: Axalon all over...
    Download Links:

    Download zip-version: (primary)

    Download rar-version: (reserve)


    • Building completed string, “shipyard 4” is now included...
    • University colorpic for Catholic factions is now the right one...
    • Errata on the rebel-kill description for “grim justice” corrected.
    • 8th star promotion for generals will no longer stack up with the 9th star promotion description.
    • Townwatch, Orthodox factions, Level1 has now the proper GFX assigned, as was always intended...
    • Name on “large Warehouse” is wrong. Changed to “Large Warehouse”, as it should be...
    • "Daimyo"/ruler promoted string/blurb is no longer missing...
    • All pagan sacred stones will now use the correct GFX, as always intended...

    - A
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