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Thread: DarthMod Ultimate Commander Mod for ETW

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    Dear All:

    Greetings from Canada!!! I hope this finds you and yours well.

    I'm writing for your with installing the DarthMod Ultimate Commander Mod for Empire. It keeps getting hung up at 92%, and I was wondering if any of you kind souls would have any ideas, vague notions and/or brainstorms as to how to fix it. I also want to keep the dialogue boxes that keep asking me if I want the following program to make changes to my computer to stop showing up.

    Live long and prosper, take care and thank you kindly!!!

    Sincerely yours always,


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    Default Re: DarthMod Ultimate Commander Mod for ETW

    An old post I know but a late answer is better than none. You would be best asking at TWC, the Darth Mod Empire forum is here.

    As for the changes boxes, I assume you are on Vista or Windows 7? Sounds like you have installed the game in Program Files, install elsewhere and you should stop getting the messages.

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