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Thread: Visorslash's Games Thread

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    Default Visorslash's Games Thread

    In Play:

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Idea #3: The Climb
    Info: Pretty much a standard vanilla game with three serial killers that are bulletproof (until maybe the final 10, not sure). Will involve other mechanics as well, that are slightly non vanilla.
    Roles: Done
    Players: 30 (Large Game)
    Ready to Host: Yes

    Upcoming Games:

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    Age of Kings Mafia
    Info: Multi faction, multiple victory style game
    Roles: All non vanilla, need to iron kinks out
    Players: 50, large game, though if needed I can shorten to 40.
    Ready to host: No

    Idea #2: Metallica Mafia
    Info: A game that involves characters and references to Metallica, not vanilla. Roles such as: Master of Puppets, The Thing That Should Not Be, Disposable Hero, Leper Messiah, etc.
    Roles: Role Names are done, ideas for new mechanics in work.
    Players: 17 (Small Game)
    Ready to Host: No, but that will be fixed closer to the time I can host it (I.E. after the above game I have on the queue, and after others host their games).

    Idea #4: Portal Mafia
    Info: Non vanilla game, with different factions and mechanics.
    Roles: Need to be properly written out.
    Players: 17 (Small Game)
    Ready to Host: Somewhat, closer to hosting then Metallica Mafia and will not be hard to get finalised.

    Idea #5: 8bit Mafia
    Info: A game involving 8bit well known characters. Non vanilla, a couple of lesser known roles.
    Roles: In work.
    Players: 17 (Small Game)
    Ready to Host: No, and this would be the last of the games I host in this list.

    Game Ideas:

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Revenge of the TimeBandits
    Info: Based off the TimeBandit role, it is a minigame with 10 players, 2 mafia and 2 TimeBandits
    Roles: Kinks need sorting out for balance
    Players: 10
    Ready to host: Soon

    Hosted Games:

    Spoiler Alert, click show to read: 
    Idea #1: Another Shade of Blood
    Info: A close to vanilla game with a little twist thrown in, that will be revealed when the game starts.
    Roles: Done
    Players: 17 (Small Game)
    Ready to Host: Yes
    Result: Won by the Mafia, Atheotes and LazyMcCrow.

    So, thoughts, opinions, ideas and suggestions as well as critiscism is welcomed and appreciated.

    I will update this regularly as I get things done.
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    Default Re: Visorslash's Games Thread

    I must confess all sound quite appealing and amusing!

    But I'm utterly biased when I say that I look forward for the Metallica one \m/
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    Default Re: Visorslash's Games Thread

    8bit definitely interests me most. :)

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    Default Re: Visorslash's Games Thread

    Order of interest (keep in mind, all seem interesting):

    1. The Climb
    2. Portal Mafia
    3. Another Shade of Blood
    4. 8bit
    5. Metallica

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    Default Re: Visorslash's Games Thread

    Another Shade of Blood is up. The Climb is already happening, and that is starting in July (the next free slot, and the best slot for me). Whether Metallica/Portal/8bit goes next after those two is up to you.

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    Default Re: Visorslash's Games Thread

    Will update this soonish, but just wanted to post a couple of things:

    Another Shade of Blood has been finished, and The Climb is currently in play.

    I have a large mafia in design to hopefully launch in Nov/Dec sometime. I will need a cohost to help run that one, and I'll deal with that later, (basically to post updates, etc when I'm not around or send PMs, etc. I will do the designing of the game.)

    Will add a section to the OP stating game ideas I have, and might host in the future.

    Metallica and Portal mafia will be done next year sometime, maybe Jan/Feb/early March, whilst I will try to get 8bit done around June/July next year. Yes these are long times away but it gives me time for real life, keeps my schedule free.


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