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    You see the greyed out arrows on general selection?

    Pay to win baby.

    See the greyed out arrows of faction selection?

    Pay to win.

    No fatigue, unlimited ammunition, only three units to control, and other stuff that make me cringe.

    Oh and also 10v10, imagine people quitting in game, dropping, the lag, connection issues, etc. CA claims dedicated servers but dedicated servers won't fix all.

    If one person drops then the whole team is screwed over. Also it has been proven in Shogun 2 how easy it is to cheat in CA's persistent leveling up multiplayer, where even I could cheat the game with "cheat engine" and there is nothing done about it.

    So much potential wasted imo, could've created an enjoyable multiplayer game that is akin to traditional table top Wargaming but in real time, some simplifications, just an improved upon total war multiplayer.
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    What if they allow drop in fights where people show up as reinforcements? I'm cautiously eager for this. I hope its to total war what coho was to coh. (Minus the OP P2W stuff)
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