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Thread: TW games - the future

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    Default Re: TW games - the future

    I guess you can't buy Attilla anymore or is it available on Steam.

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    Default Re: TW games - the future

    Yes Attila is on Steam.

    Clearly it will be a period marked by very important personalities - so something that has been shaped by those characters.
    To be fair, that applies to every TW period they've done
    maybe those guys should be doing something more useful...

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    Default Re: TW games - the future

    Well not necessarily - the Medieval period had a lot of different personalities, and it's hard to say that one changed the course of it. Attila had Attila and Charlemagne, Rome had... everyone, Shogun had a few characters (so this applies) and Empire had everyone. Napoleon had a few characters.
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