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Thread: TW games - the future

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    Default Re: TW games - the future

    I guess you can't buy Attilla anymore or is it available on Steam.

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    Default Re: TW games - the future

    Yes Attila is on Steam.

    Clearly it will be a period marked by very important personalities - so something that has been shaped by those characters.
    To be fair, that applies to every TW period they've done
    maybe those guys should be doing something more useful...

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    Default Re: TW games - the future

    Well not necessarily - the Medieval period had a lot of different personalities, and it's hard to say that one changed the course of it. Attila had Attila and Charlemagne, Rome had... everyone, Shogun had a few characters (so this applies) and Empire had everyone. Napoleon had a few characters.
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    Default Re: TW games - the future

    Attila has become a rather polished game and I enjoyed the last Roman although good old Karls time was the best addition. R:TW II became also a fantastic game after patches and Octavian arrived. Empire was a slow start but it is so varied and rich that it's great fun to play it even after all those years. N:TW has also aged very well. Somehow M:TW II an R:TW feel stale compared to both. All refers to single player only.

    Warhammer is for me a mix between the first PC game I loved, Heroes of Might and Magic III and the series in which I spent by far the most time, Totalwar. So I can't complain either.

    Management-wise Warhammer 2 makes a lots of sense as the first part was a huge commercial success and as a (huge) add-on from the technical side a low risk project. The DLC policy is disliked by many but it does raise consideral additonal revenue (with high margins, I suppose) and spreads it over a longer period.

    I would love another historical TW title, ideally a new theater. The massive rise of (PC) gaming in China over the last decade should make it easier to have something located there. Historical Japan was arguably considerably more popular around 2000 then historical China today but CA has the means to do it.

    Totalwar and Tolkien would be perhaps even be bigger the Warhammer. Great modders have already proven the concept again and again. There is a scope for many, many games and add-ons and lots and lots of special DLCs. The big pound question is the price to access the world.

    Something similar goes for Totalwar and Martin's Universe. Here too the only big financial question is how much they have to pay to use it.

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