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Thread: French Presidential Election

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tristuskhan View Post
    Mitterand was talented and would eat today's candidates for breakfast... But it was 35 years ago and the man, being somme great self-seeker, would likely look more like a (talented) Macron nowadays.
    Now again Mitterand is a very mixed-up memory for the french left. For me who grew up in a neighbourhood where the Party ruled (i.e: Communist Party, there was never no other one here), his election was a sign of hope. It was only a few months before everyone realised he was a man for the financial powers. I remember that very well, and I was only seven years old at that time.
    I was wondering if the propped up corpse would still best the current crop of candidates....
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    Quote Originally Posted by Seamus Fermanagh View Post
    I was wondering if the propped up corpse would still best the current crop of candidates....
    If we must go for a corpse let's take Leon Blum. His ghost would win.
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