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    Another look into a Trumpish community

    For people here, it's confirmation that their new president is delivering on his campaign promise to generate 25 million jobs and become, in his own words, "the greatest jobs producer that God ever created".
    I think for Democrats it's impossible to reach people like this without targeted messaging. Start with a specially-tailored and simplified platform for the demographic, determine what media the demographic has access to and primarily consumes, and pump that message through those media. But don't try addressing them directly, couch the message impersonally and hope they get a whiff of something they like on its own terms (i.e. divorced from anti-Democrat identity).

    It wouldn't work as well as local supporters on the ground canvassing and advocating, but as a strategy that doesn't have much force without the half-farcical step of colonization (which if possible would tend to revitalize economies anyway).
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