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Thread: The Art of Diplomacy and War

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    Default Re: The Art of Diplomacy and War

    Quote Originally Posted by Prince Cobra View Post
    When can we expect the next chapter, Franc?
    Even though I receive new orders every day, I began to write and you can expect the new chapter on Monday.

    Here is just an appetizer:

    On 30 January 1607, around noon, the coasts of the Bristol Channel suffer from unexpectedly high floodings that beak the coastal defences in several places. Low-lying places in Devon, Somerset, Gloucestershire, and South Wales are flooded. The devastation is particularly severe on the Welsh side, extending from Laugharne in Carmarthenshire to above Chepstow in Monmouthshire. Cardiff is the most badly affected town, with the foundations of St Mary's Church destroyed.

    It is estimated that 2,000 or more people are drowned, houses and villages were swept away, an estimated 200 square miles (51,800 ha) of farmland inundated, and livestock destroyed, wrecking the local economy along the coasts of the Bristol Channel and Severn Estuary.

    Enjoy your weekend!

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    Default Re: The Art of Diplomacy and War

    OoC: ahahahah "enjoy your weekend" typical Franc's humour. Have a good one too mate ^^

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    Default Re: The Art of Diplomacy and War

    Anyone who has watched German workplace security videos can see the wry humour employed to make a point, e.g. do not play with chainsaws.
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