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Thread: Game of Thrones Mod - Deserves Hosted Mod Status

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    Default Game of Thrones Mod - Deserves Hosted Mod Status

    I am shaking my head in bisbelief that this fantastic & MTW latest mod has still not been given the credit it deserves .
    It should without a shadow of a doubt be placed into at least the Hosted Mods section ....
    Or better still , I believe it should alongside the front page with Redux , ATW Ancient Total Wars & Pike & Musket .
    It should no longer be where it currently resides!
    ............ it has seen its Beta release , a full V1 release .... & I know sometime soon it will be upgraded to V1.1 .
    C'mon Mods , do the right thing .... Move it !
    Fellow Orgers , lets get behing Macsen , he deserves it , this mod deserves it .

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