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Thread: Why cant I register on EA?

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    Default Why cant I register on EA?

    Hello everyone, im new to strategy games and can't wait to play my shogun m/i online. But everytime I go to the EA registration page it says site undergoing maintenance! Can someone out there direct me to the registration site?:

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    Default Re: Why cant I register on EA?

    Hello daveo, welcome to theOrg!

    Sadly,EA no longer supports the Shogun game. But, brighten up, there are ways to playmultiplayer anyway. Click this link
    and introduce yourself to our resident Shogun-istas, and they'll help you along.

    In fact, I'm headed that way myself. Why don't I drop you off?

    Shogun guys, meet daveo...daveo, shogun guys.
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    Be well. Do good. Keep in touch.

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    Default Re: Why cant I register on EA?

    thanks for getting me this far, any of you good people tell me how to logon? fakeserver?

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    Default Re: Why cant I register on EA?

    Hello daveo, and welcome.

    As Kukrikhan mentioned, the official STW server was shut down a long time ago. Hence, registering with EA is no longer necessary.

    A fakeserver looks and operates very much like the old official server. However, it doesn't keep track of who you are (no information about you is stored except the name you choose and your IP addy, and these are only in use when you are playing; they are not retained). You don't need a password, and if you want you can choose a different name each time you play (though this isn't a good idea if you want to get to know peeps).

    The fakeserver is operated courtesy of ShambleS, and accessing it is relatively easy. There is an internet.cfg file in your main Shogun game folder (the folder where all the game files/folders are). The contents of this file should read as follows:

    ChatserverIPAddress =
    ChatserverPort = 8793
    NewsserverIPAddress =
    NewsserverPort = 8797
    ShogunTotalWarWebsite =

    Make the edits, save the file. Then start Shogun and log in via the Multiplayer option on the menu. Pretend you were actually logging into the old official server ('Log On to EA' or something like that). Choose a name for yourself, and a Japanese family surname, then click Log In (as I mentioned before, the password field is ignored).

    Here's where some have problems. Sometimes the message will say "Logging In ..." and then just sit forever. If this seems to be happening, escape and try again. Do this multiple times. It has been said that sometimes it helps to hit enter as you click on Log In, or check on and off the Use Existing Internet Connection checkbox before trying again. Changing your name and/or surname before trying again has also helped some in the past.

    If you wait for a bit and a "Failed to Connect" message comes up, your computer isn't "finding" the server. This could be because it is temporarily unavailable (ShambleS does take it down for maintenance occasionally, etc.). It could also mean that something on your computer is preventing access. Fortunately there haven't been many cases of this (mentioned here, anyway).

    I suggest trying the above and, if you are successful, enjoy. If not, come back here and describe what happened. We can take it from there.

    Hope this helps, and again, welcome.
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    Default Re: Why cant I register on EA?

    Welcome daveo!!

    hope it works and we meet on the battefield someday
    - Chu - Gi - Makoto - Rei - Jin - Yu - Meiyo -

    47RoninDrisos --- Shogun Total War

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    Default Re: Why cant I register on EA?

    welcome to the group Daveo!

    Hope to have some battles with you soon!

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    Default Re: Why cant I register on EA?

    welcome to the org :)

    i see the steps needed to be taken, to get on the server.. have been pointed out .

    there is also a "stw probs ??? read here 1st" thread in the stwmp section.
    That should help you with any problems you may have.

    My webpage. " " should tell you if the server is running or not.
    (It can be wrong but only if i make an error when starting the server)

    Any way.
    Welcome to the org.

    And i hope to see you in our little foyer soon :)


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