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  1. Question about Goidelic Ireland
  2. Campaign map marching range and streets
  3. siege engines
  4. Streaming Europa Barbarorum on Twitch TV
  5. Elephants for Makedonia
  6. hi
  7. Hello !
  8. Some thanks to the EB Team
  9. Europa Barbarorum II wants your opinion!
  10. Sad News about Nemea
  11. General questions about Roman Legions
  12. DBM&EB2
  13. Where can I download this?
  14. State of the Mod Address, Fall 2013: We're Almost There
  15. Over or Under?
  16. Beautiful and (quite) historically accurate battle paintings
  17. What are the strengths of Pergamon and Bosporan Kingdom?
  18. Bog Bodies
  19. ethnicities
  20. Request for sources on Ekdromoi
  21. some questions regarding Pahlava
  22. ui,fonts and flexability of medieval 2
  23. Discord and rebellions
  24. Unit Level of Detail Problem
  25. Implications of path length CTD discovery
  26. Preserved Bodies in the Iron Age
  27. recruitment reduces population script
  28. Thumb Rings
  29. EB2 Playtest: Arverni
  30. evidence of Sabaean foreign policy
  31. Some questions
  32. Greek! Derogatory or descriptive?
  33. Will this mod work with Steam?
  34. System Requirements of EB2
  35. Faction Suggestions
  36. who was this guy?
  37. pandadopoi phalangite
  38. Victor Saregiannidis died before Christmas last year (2013)
  39. Spartan quotes (and more)...
  40. Has anyone read "The Ancient Paths?"
  41. Preview: The Saka Rauka
  42. "Best Friends Forever" AI Code
  43. upcoming release
  44. RS2 Terrain in EB II?
  45. a question about horse archer training
  46. EB Command Line Switch.
  47. Who made the old Eb members signatures?
  48. I may be wrong but there is one very important thing that EB II lacks!
  49. Climate in the Iron Age
  50. The threat on Archeology in Syria, Ukraine, and Elsewhere.
  51. Breakup of the Seleucid Empire
  52. The 2nd Core mystery
  53. turn times and performance
  54. Horse Archers and EB 2
  55. Chariots
  56. Problems with the previews pdf
  57. Alexadrers Tomb found in Alexandreia for Polish Center of Archaeology
  58. Government and public order
  59. FOR WHEN THE DAY COMES please have a Torrent of the necessary files for installation
  60. Faction colours for the mini-map
  61. An EB II AAR: Roma
  62. Will EB's awesome tools be replicated for EBII?
  63. How viable are small factions in the AI's hands?
  64. possible breakthrought
  66. idea about increasing imersion
  67. Are there many factions with Family Members who fight on foot?
  68. Will there be more nakedness in EBII?
  69. Which new faction(s) are you most looking forward to, and why?
  70. Are there female warriors in the Scythian units?
  71. Music in EB 2?
  72. What lives here?
  73. A feature I'd love: choosing how a unit fights
  74. Do you intend to use historical army compositions?
  75. Hastati or Principes?
  76. Build cities with barbarians and nomads
  77. graphics eb submod and text
  78. Faction Slot
  79. Is blitzing still an optimal tactic?
  80. Support for Multiplayer?
  81. performance question
  82. System install for EB Day
  83. helping in future
  84. Interesting Head Gear
  85. Diplomacy
  86. An offer that you can't refuse
  87. Greek world shield symbols - sources offered.
  88. Mass grave find in Denmark
  89. [Factions] Which one will you play first?
  90. Kings Purse mechanism and the need to blitz
  91. [Migrated Faction/Epeiros] Where should I begin my migration campaign?
  92. Question about the Steam version
  93. Overcoming the original problems of M2TW
  94. Release date stated on ModDB?
  95. Hellenistic Era Grave at Amphipolis.
  96. Its so close...so very close now.....
  97. I have stolen several priceless ancient artefacts...
  98. We hear the gathering storm....
  99. No LOD files in 1st release = more usage of system RAM or video card RAM?
  100. Where can I get this game not from Steam?
  101. suggestion for new faction
  102. Attention EBII Team...
  103. What units from EB are you hoping to see again in EBII ?
  104. Supply Wagon unit?
  105. I am.....
  106. It's out! WOO
  107. Europa Barbarorum 2.0 released!
  108. General impressions
  109. Take My Money!
  110. Difficulty settings
  111. Question on regional buildings :)
  112. Temples and trade
  113. Social type (ethnicity?)
  114. Pan-Caucasian Empire reforms
  115. Are some factions more fleshed out than others?
  116. How to get rid of unrest & Civil unrest
  117. What effect does occupying an enemy camp (those permanent camps) do?
  118. Tribes, do they have a gameplay effect?
  119. Any particular faction/feature the team would like me/us to focus on?
  120. Reforms in EBII
  121. How to change to default battle music?
  122. Question about general and faction leader attributes.
  123. EBII screenshots!
  124. Taksashila Tribute
  125. Murderous assassins!!!!
  126. Any point to assassinating captains?
  127. What stands out for you?
  128. NEW EB Campaign testing AI !!!
  129. Culture and converting provinces please help!!
  130. Bad discipline
  131. Regional Units
  132. Question about Roman Schools & Authorization to Lead Armies
  133. So what are "Tribal States"?
  134. Are there naval invasions in EB2?
  135. [Gameplay] There is much more to the game than building armies, conquering provinces
  136. Who's up for some EB 2 multyplayer
  137. Makedon dead by 267bc
  138. Directions Please?
  139. The First Official Screenshot Competition for Europa Barbarorum II
  140. Reinforcements Delayed
  141. EB2 Comabat balance
  142. Who is the current leader of the EB 2 dev team?
  143. Lugionnes
  144. Selucid banner colours
  145. Pergamene kingship and Galatia
  146. path blocked message with the PFJ - what a jolly good laugh
  147. Camps (Nomadism settlement type)
  148. How To get Hetaroi?
  149. Which faction reforms are already in the game, and which are planned?
  150. Some questions about gameplay systems/features
  151. Renamed settlemets
  152. Steam launcher is no more available
  153. [Hellenistic Poleis] Can they be upgraded without a Metropolis?
  154. Pritanoi chariots - how to recruit them?
  155. EB2 team's BAI tester {Battle AI tester version 1.0}
  156. [Battle Physics] There's some weird mass stuff going on
  157. [AI Campaign behaviour] Is there any way to prevent/reduce fragmentation of forces?
  158. Generals
  159. any difference between various cults?
  160. Minor Settlements
  161. questions of minor-importance: green arrows, and ev. highlightning of units
  162. How To Beef Up Rebels?
  163. Europa Barbarorum 2.01 released!
  164. How does Culture Conversion mechanic REALLY work?
  165. Eukratideia/Alexandreia on the Oxus (All Khahoum in 3D)
  166. Pergamon and Seleucid support against Bythinia
  167. New to EBII
  168. about windowed mode in 2.01 release
  169. How Full are the Unit Rosters?
  170. Loyalty Issue?
  171. HOTFIX - several correction to broken trait mechanics
  172. Baktrian government forms and Hellenisation
  173. Are satrapies unfair ?
  174. My most decisive battle ever
  175. Aruernoi Campaign
  176. How does AI handle buildings ?
  177. The light_spear question
  178. Minor thing in the money script
  179. Not enough Ancillaries
  180. New to EB2: Steam or Disc?
  181. Moral impasse i have reached in a campaign
  182. Minor Proposal: Reduce the number of provinces in the British Isles
  183. Way To Many Armies !!!!
  184. Minor Proposal: Increase the size of Eleutheroi garrisons
  185. Did seleucids get buffed in 2.01 ?
  186. The Europa Barbarorum II Screenshot Competition - Voting
  187. [Unofficial Hotfix] Functional inf/cav javelineers; improved spearmen, faster cavalry
  188. List of units in EB2.01?
  189. Eleutheroi negotioations
  190. Makedonia EBII impressions
  191. Assassins running rampant in Greece/Anatolia.
  192. forts
  193. Minor settlements
  194. sea trade routes
  195. Recruitment without Experience-points?
  196. OT: Philip II's tomb and the massive tomb being unearthen in northen Greece
  197. anyone know what the Sitologia (Royal Administrators) is? ..and how to build it?
  198. no way to meet the Pergamon-reform requirement of fighting Galatian army?
  199. Two recent archaeology findings - celtic chariot and greek shipwreck
  200. Pergamon repeatedly destroyed by Ptolemaic assassins
  201. EB2 Vegetation&lighting 2.0 testing
  202. how can i replace some of the music? - Campaign and Battle
  203. [Economics] Will the King's Purse mechanics be revisited/revised?
  204. Roman colonies
  205. [Suggestion] Romani - Imperium
  206. Famine. Famine is everywhere.
  207. Two questions - colonization and reform criteria vs. AOR units
  208. How do I produce siege weapons?
  209. Antialiasing - recommended or not?
  210. Managing economies via the shell
  211. Hotseat for EBII
  212. Question about Hellenistic Succession?
  213. Help appreciated reg. creating Galatian Units outside Ankyra
  214. I don't know if anybody has mentioned this but the Adviser's text doesn't show.
  215. is it possible to move an AI-Character out of a Town?
  216. Screen Size
  217. ready to give it a try
  219. I am one of the Greek voices in EB 1! ask me anything! or don't!
  220. Hastati Vs. Principes
  221. Units Unresponsive
  222. Generals turning Traitor
  223. no standard greek Sphendonetai recruitable?
  224. So what's Ireland like in this one?
  225. New way ofdoing Republics.
  226. Smashing rebels has never been so much fun...
  227. A request from Brennus
  228. Regarding Parthians and Phalanxes
  229. Thoughts on assassins...
  230. new try: how to recruit standard greek Slingers?
  231. [Official Testing] Updated EDU with all the "unofficial" fixes and many others
  232. Roster Questions
  233. How do I start the Saka reforms?
  234. Question about garrison size
  235. Elite African Infantry and Roman Equipment
  236. I can not build the Congress
  237. Saumromatae cultural conversion and spreading the empire
  238. Phalanx testing--please respond
  239. Movement
  240. Economy / Building Trees
  241. Recommendations for an image hosting site?
  242. Thanks for all the hard work :)
  243. The Sweboz of Greater Germania
  244. Permanent arrows
  245. The Secretary to Europa Barbarorum
  246. Mycenean Gold in Game of Thrones?
  247. [Official Testing] Updated Pathfinding,Campaign AI, Battle AI
  248. Modding the EDU
  249. Location of Tylis
  250. creating building tree - need help understanding some code