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  1. These are NOT EB2 bugs (please don't report them)
  2. Screen Resolution / format
  3. [Boii] No faction announcements
  4. Battle Crash
  5. launch error
  6. Bug Thread
  7. Gate animation broken
  8. Save Game Crash
  9. Same message from Adviser every turn
  10. Graphic Glitches and oversights
  11. Some corpses have wrong model / Pilum throw
  12. Year / season invisible?
  13. BSOD when storming walls
  14. 'ERROR: Cannot find the M2TW executable.'
  15. General's command skill never rises
  16. CTD
  17. A few random bugs / issues
  18. Problems getting the mod installed or running? Try these things before posting!
  19. M2TW path not found
  20. EB Menu fills only half of screen.
  21. Spearmen fighting "through" wooden pallisade
  22. Proofreading
  23. A few bugs i found
  24. Blurred font
  25. Eremos in Ireland/Scotland?
  26. possible bug reg Pritanoi skirmishers in campaign
  27. Problem with attacking fullstack in minor settlement
  28. No Banners in Battle + Field of Games description
  29. Khuveshavagan texture missing in lower graphic settings... Quickfix?
  30. A few bugs
  31. Arabian Adventure - Bug's
  32. Problem with building colonies
  33. Sea Trade, or lack thereof
  34. Minor Issues with Pritanoi Campaign
  35. Running EBII in Windowed Mode
  36. Bosporan kingdom can't build minor polis
  37. Arid Nomad Camps Appear As Barbarian Settlements On The Battle Map
  38. Ruins of Babylon in Scythiapolis
  39. Bug discovered
  40. Bug - choosing a new heir
  41. Taksashila campaign "bugs"
  42. CTD: On selecting a faction
  43. shared.txt:{GERR_GENERIC}
  44. UI Bug-Pergamon
  45. Game won't save video and audio settings.
  46. Rebelled unit can not be attacked
  47. Steam version cannot play tutorials
  48. Bad Discipline (and temporary fix)
  49. Possible Script oversight? (Baktria tribute & negotiations)
  50. Battle and MP "bugs"
  51. CTD when trying to take settlement
  52. Should there be a Hellenistic Polis building in Syrakousai?
  53. CTD when order ship
  54. Bug: ethnicity of deserted family member's offspring
  55. The "potential successor" became faction leader instead of heir
  56. Cannot start game
  57. Fatal Crash
  58. ransom broken??
  59. KH native government (allied city state) does not allow recruiting diplomats
  60. UI BUG Causes CTD 9/2/2014
  61. Briton chariots cannot shipr transport
  62. Spartan Agoge movement bug
  63. buildings with no effects
  64. Unable to build colonies as KH
  65. Bosporan Bugs - 1. Diplomat UI, 2. Adopted general with wrong season trait.
  66. All Nomad Farming buildings spread Eastern Tribal culture.
  67. Attacking Rhegion from Sicily
  68. CTD when capturing Panitkapaion
  69. Battle CTD taking Segesta
  70. Is there any way to fix Romani internal names?
  71. Thick Hippo
  72. Is Indigenous Military Outposts bugged?
  73. Shared txt.
  74. Loyalty
  75. New Husbands, weird traits
  76. "Unknown Building" appearing at random
  77. Some observations concerning Taksashila
  78. Messana (as roman)
  79. Slow Phalangitai Standard Bearers
  80. entire game screen too much left
  81. [minor bug] Got a KH congress event as Makedon, and KH is a dead faction
  82. retrain bug and and a men in 3dmax poition
  83. [Getai Campaign] Automatic PC reboot when a battle starts
  84. Additional Text Everywhere
  85. Bosporos Minor Polis /Colonie Bug
  86. Unable to build watchtower on Korsika
  87. Agents missing a picture
  88. Taksashila die in turn 23 for no apparent reason
  89. Missing texture in custom battle
  90. Roma Siege CTD
  91. KH message in pritanoi campaign
  92. Bug Fixing And Technical Issues
  93. Sweboz - settlement capture ctd
  94. Big Trouble in Little Baktria
  95. v2.35 has been released - please do NOT report any bugs if you are playing with v2.3
  96. Battle of Gaza
  97. Antiocheia-Eschate town/camp
  98. Wrong colonist calculation
  99. export_descr_character_traits: Section 1.1.1 - Primary Triggers - ICE Rating - Cha...
  100. Installer/Uninstaller default game location (Uninstaller obsolete)
  101. Game wont run - only solution i found was from 2.0 :(
  102. Wrong wall level with camp conversion
  103. EB 2.0 in fullscreen but not EB 2.01?
  104. Screen Issues causing CTD's/Computer Crashes
  105. Ai boost to player (little misprint in EDB)
  106. Intermittent display error with icons/buttons
  107. A list of weird things i picked up while playing Numidia
  108. Characters stuck in Sparte
  109. Mentor ancillary giving malus instead of bonus
  110. No luck with installation, not even with the various fixes...
  111. Can't get even vanilla Kingdoms to run on Win 8.1 - abandon DVD and get Steam?
  112. CTD Siege Battle large city
  113. Why faction relations keep getting worse
  114. Broken up display and odd custom battle issue...
  115. Putra - excuse if already reported
  116. Crash at first battle.
  117. Field of Games description is missing
  118. Where art thou crash log?
  119. Bugs I've noticed in my first 100 turns
  120. Problem with Mouse at battles
  121. Music becomes a problem
  122. Fatal Freeze
  123. Less Units to recruit in my Pritanoi Game
  124. Hellenistic Metropolis is bugged (Syrakusai)
  125. male marriage mechanics broken for 3rd level family tree?
  126. missing all hud
  127. first serious CTD after 25 years in Campaign
  128. not being able to attack camp without siege engine + cllose defeat as soon as starts
  129. Crash after annihilating the Mamla'ha biMassylim
  130. Game only runs in tiny windowed mode
  131. EB2 2.1 Sweboz capital city will not allow manual tax rate control
  132. Medieval 2 Total War does not work (Install)
  133. Stupid question... But how to zoom in
  134. Boii not allowing Tactical control
  135. Towers/gatehouse in siege battles
  136. Construction bug in Taras
  137. Export_descr_buildings
  138. Diplomacy problem with Baktria
  139. EB installation fails
  140. Schools in EBII aren't doing much in my Saba campaign
  141. First serious CTD - cant get beyond the year 236BC
  142. G-Campaign faction selection CTD & Manage all cities doesnt work
  143. Fiendish Roman Defences!
  144. Installing EB 2.01
  145. Messana Rhegion
  146. Problems with Argoi model
  147. Areuakoi army flag
  148. None should appear?
  149. GAme turn end crash
  150. Siege battle pathfinding Seleukeia
  151. Integral Scripts ON/OFF?
  152. M2TWG + EB2.03 under linux with wine 1.7.xx guide
  153. Toutanakoi - javelins never seem to throw
  154. Crashes and Glitches on Steam EBII
  155. looking for a patch to install EB2
  156. Bug report from my Baktria campaign
  157. 'please remember to activate the scripts [...]' - huh?
  158. HELP: Medieval 2: Total war encountered an unspecified error and will now exit.
  159. Glitchy 2.1b siege battles + Strange Eleutheroi behaviour?
  160. Questions about Boioi migration
  161. CTD after battle EB2.1+patch
  162. CTD in mid turn - EB2.1b - log attached
  163. CTD - EB2.1b - Ambrakia - log attached
  164. System Recommendations for latest Mod
  165. Segesta's rebels turn to be aruernoi !
  166. Baktria Mission and Reform
  167. Failed installation - wrong folder error
  168. Mass Celibacy
  169. Guide to integrating new units using the XML tool
  170. Can't view family tree
  171. CTD on start up
  172. Campaign CTD's
  173. Numindia horde bug
  174. Top tier Hellenic military colonies don't produce Phalangitai recruits
  175. Trigger 0103_occupy_settlement_increase_global bug in descr_faction_standing.txt
  176. Colors of Unit Banners in Battle (Pergamon vs Pontos) and another minor bug
  177. Pergamon Reform bug?
  178. Can not start campaing, game return to main menu
  179. Issue with Minor Settlements, unable to interact with them
  180. enslaving units after battle causes crash
  181. Crash after big battle
  182. Cannot get EBII to start
  183. No Recruitment in Olbia
  184. Bug while turn - Saka Rauka taking last settlement of Sauromatae
  185. recruitment not working
  186. installing 2.2d2 issue on Mac
  187. CTD Starting up with 2.2d
  188. CTD on taking faction's last settlement.
  189. CTD Starting 2.2e
  190. 2.2e Taras battle map
  191. EBII problem PLEASE REPLY
  192. 2.2b windowed mode
  193. Error dialog and exit after title screen
  194. Can't start 2.2f
  195. Client ruler gets imposter
  196. CTD after taking settlement
  197. Settlers don't appear and two other things
  198. Game crashing when loading saved campaign
  199. CTD on start up
  200. Game crashing during AI moves
  201. Game seems to ignore ebii.cfg on my setup
  202. [2.2j] Taras battlemap weirdness
  203. Crash every time after faction selection in campaign
  204. Game crashes after loading existing campaign and ending turn
  205. I cannot post my error log.
  206. Headless Horsemen
  207. Law modifiers not taking effect
  208. No Logs, possible Config problem
  209. Settled Reform of the Nabataeans don't work
  210. EBII 2.3 crash during battle
  211. EBII v2.3 Spartan Agoge/Battle map settlements
  212. EB 2.3 quick save crash
  213. Repeated crashing after battles.
  214. EB2 2.3 Roma Family Name Missing After Desertion
  215. Several crashes (might be the game itself, not the mod).
  216. Armorican Tribesmen and Celtiberian city-state questions.
  217. Game freezes whenever I take Gergovia
  218. Keep getting message to "upgrade" to windows 98/2000
  219. Disappearing Fire Temples
  220. Persistent crash at around turn 70
  221. Bosporos field of games
  222. New guys
  223. CTD's In 2000+ Battels
  224. Windows 10 Problems and LAA
  225. Game crashes while loading a save
  226. EB 2.3 Repeated error - turns 80-90
  227. Error running MTW2 Launcher Replacement v1.2, EBII
  228. Consistent crash on the end of turn 32
  229. EBII crashing during computer turn
  230. "Unspecified Error. Please compress your error log..." when trying to launch EBII
  231. Battle crash
  232. install issue with corrupt source files
  233. EB2 Crashes during Battles.
  234. Show Dates as Turns
  235. Crashes going into battle
  236. How to disable the revival faction script after a riot?
  237. Saka crashes to desktop every time when Baktria is wiped out
  238. Epirus v Pergamon city fight crash
  239. Launcher and Another Question
  240. Question about modding colony/settler times
  241. Invisible Greek FM
  242. beginer questions
  243. Pontus Issues Moving FMs out of Towns
  244. CTD before battle, tried everyhing, including LAA
  245. [Boii] cannot get confederation government; cities do not have fertility bonus to pop
  246. R6025 pure virtual function call CTD
  247. [Koinon Hellenon] CTD Before Battle Errorlog attached
  248. Flickering Trees
  249. CTD when starting siege battles
  250. Missing Year and Broken Installer Links from Microsoft