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  1. Withwnar's "Forced Diplomacy" for EB2
  2. Battlemap fog guide
  3. Faster Battles (temporary submod for EB 2.0.0)
  4. Unofficial Submod: Year in History from EB 1 for EB 2
  5. *SUBMOD* Positive Character Traits
  6. help with some minor modding
  7. [Submod/Fix] Placement of missing Hellenistic Poleis
  8. New CAI/PiterAI1.0
  9. [Mini-Submod] Law bonus to ports/roads
  10. Higher morale
  11. [Submod]changed AI money assistance script [help/advice needed]
  12. Battle of Gaza submod
  13. Editing "character" abilities ― harcoded?
  14. [Submod] light_spear for Thureophoroi-style units
  15. [Submod] light_spear and javelineer EDU fixes
  16. native buildings project
  17. EB II Export Unit Text
  18. [Submods Compilation] Europa Barbarorum Release v4.1 for EB 2.01 by b0Gia.
  19. Transparent banners on stratmap
  20. [Submod] Recruit all the psiloi and Hoplitai Haploi in a Hellenistic Poleis
  21. [Submod] Hardcore Siege Mechanic [HSM]
  22. Numbered and Named Legions for EB 2.1b
  23. [Submod] Minor Temples
  24. Clean Campaign Mini Map
  25. Faction Maps Update (Faction selection screen)
  26. Campaign Victory Condition Maps for EB 2.2b
  27. [Submod] Epeiros as Syrakousai
  28. Pritanoi body guards switch