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  1. Demo mod?
  2. Welcome to the General forum!
  3. Welcome to the Modding Forums!
  4. Research: Text files
  5. Age of
  6. Q: How do we mod RTW
  7. Play All Factions Crack
  8. Unit Stats File
  9. Mods have been moved to the Mod development forum!
  10. Your Questions, Junior Patrons welcome!
  11. Can we programme our own modding tools?
  12. How to give units to factions
  13. Slower movement rates : Mod available..
  14. Could someone send me a R:TW files?
  15. Question about mods.
  16. Make ur own qoute
  17. Kill Rate Mod!!! Hurry, Hurry! Step Right Up!!!
  18. Nerfing archers...
  19. How do I change faction colour?
  20. Modding tools, files and anything else...
  21. Tool: PAK extractor
  22. Question about file types in RTW
  23. Fine-tuning the kill and movement mods
  24. Where to make building changes?
  25. Creative Assembly New Rome units
  26. CTD when clicking on Senate Tab in campaign
  27. Mod/Tool
  28. IE6, Win98SE and Text Editors
  29. We can create new unittextures!
  30. Has anyone messed with the map?
  31. Deleting Factions & Changing Names
  32. Marian reform trigger
  33. Do we know how to make a new unit yet?
  34. Unit Scale Mod
  35. Putting unmounted units on horseback
  36. Creative Assembly A few modding tips
  37. Changing faction names
  38. Modding the unit costs to make battles epic
  39. Creative Assembly The Generalīs Bodyguard units
  40. Morale levels
  41. Creative Assembly Post your "must-know" modding questions here!
  42. The effect of command stars - moddable?
  43. Changing the Rate of Fire/Reload Time??
  44. Routing speeds
  45. Creative Assembly Campaign map editor discovered? CA: just yes or no will suffice
  46. Creative Assembly Can we mod the length of the turns?
  47. Disasters and other campaign modding things
  48. For us simple modders...
  49. export_descr_character_traits
  50. 3dsmax import/export script
  51. Campaign AI
  52. A limited individual unit speed modding ability
  53. RomeSAGE: tool for changing saved game difficulty
  54. Historical Battles
  55. It appears that modifying export_descr_buildings causes immediate CTD..
  56. Unlimited army sizes?
  57. Game auto applies faction colors to new units.
  58. How to get rid of that you have to implementate new governeurs?
  59. How to add a city
  60. Historically Accurate Scipii, Brutii and Julii Legionnaires
  61. The Realism Mod 1.0. Well worth it.
  62. Modding suggestions for the next patch
  63. Uploader for RTW files.
  64. Provincal Campaign?
  65. DDS Texture Tool
  66. Where could i get xpack.exe?
  67. Unit Build priorities -- where?
  68. is there a financial mod?
  69. where to find data\UI folder?
  70. Creative Assembly Research: editing the campaign map
  71. BKB's new map
  72. Creative Assembly Is it possible to change the no. of units a player can control to more than 20?
  73. Editing unit sizes
  74. Adding new provinces to campaign map
  75. Making Unit Web Tool
  76. Destroying Roads & Farms
  77. Problem with export_descr_unit.txt
  78. New maps for MP and other concerns
  79. Creative Assembly Modding in R:TW compared to M:TW
  80. Possible realism change..
  81. Setting a capital
  82. Just to be sure
  83. Creative Assembly New shield system - JeromeGrasdyke?
  84. Mod to get rid of irritating V&V's for leaving family in towns?
  85. Individual unit speeds
  86. Founded in:
  87. Creative Assembly Changing faction colours?
  88. Where can I find....?
  89. Deleted the wrong file.
  90. This unit seems to CTD the game when it gets into combat. Any ideas??
  91. City changes
  92. Changing Ownership of Province???
  93. Creative Assembly Sea Battles?
  94. Adding Units to a Faction
  95. .CAS Editor Released
  96. CA: Is there any way to mod the probability of the AI building ships?
  97. Unit Graphics/Icons
  98. What do I need for serious RTW unit and other MODDING?
  99. Faction member fertility variable?
  100. Creative Assembly How to change merc's so that they adopt your factions color??
  101. Creative Assembly General's Hitpoints
  102. Adding Axemen to Gauls
  103. Merc Regions
  104. Creative Assembly Hidden Resources
  105. Is there any way to add new factions?
  106. Family Traits & Lysenko-ism
  107. Creative Assembly Research: Using the Vercingetorix .CAS tool
  108. Problems with new unit
  109. Is it possible to make AI vulnerable to revolts ?
  110. anyone know how to change senate missions?
  111. New and Improved Loading Screens for R:TW
  112. Increasing the no. of soldiers in General units
  113. Problems with amount of regions
  114. Creative Assembly Problem with editing the campmap
  115. Are the units on the Campain map Moddable?
  116. Comfortable Stalin?
  117. Adding in a general
  118. I need elp editing the camp map
  119. Modifying Assassins
  120. Creative Assembly Wiki - RTW modding
  121. Adding Provinces ?
  122. Training Problem with Axemen
  123. adding a shield?
  124. map_ground_type apply to both campaign and battle?
  125. Getting terrain tiles working?
  126. is there any way to mod the population growth for a city?
  127. Why is CA dragging their feet on the plugin?
  128. New factions - banners and icons?
  129. You don't need to repack PAK files
  130. Reducing impact of cavalry
  131. Could someone tell me how to mod structures in for the different factions?
  132. List of unimplemented CA skins. Contribute here!
  133. How to make new agent types
  134. about Caesar Campaign
  135. Creative Assembly Mod switcher!
  136. Blood Mod
  137. Any way to "dirty up" uniforms and buildings?
  138. Can we make the maps bigger?
  139. Graphical glitches after editing the map
  140. Question: Mod listing, Excuse any ignorance.
  141. Creative Assembly the 20 unit limit - suggestion for fixing
  142. Is there any way to fire while hidden
  143. My resignation from moderating the Dungeon
  144. Haire, "Hellinic Total War" GEROUSIA! An "Homios" trying to contact you!
  145. Adding hidden resources
  146. Giving Provinces to Other Factions HELP!!!!!!
  147. CA: Forts, Forts, Forts, make em Cities, make em relevant
  148. Saving .tga
  149. No battle timer without mod?
  150. Problems in 3D max
  151. Rioting!
  152. need help to use Xpak extractor
  153. Admiral gain/lose command star fix
  154. Doing some units fixes, and other...
  155. Total Realism 3.0
  156. Mod switcher thingy?
  157. update for rome realizm mod 2.2 by vlad
  158. Too much snow!
  159. Modifying speed of units on stategy map
  160. Scale: Giant units
  161. Using the photoshop plug in with PSP
  162. Equalizing the Egg
  163. What do parameters of units mean?
  164. Generic building problem
  165. Parthain Cataphract Archers and eastern heavy infantry mod?
  166. Artillery machines modding please help
  167. Changing victory conditions
  168. UPDATE FOR ROME TOTAL REALIZM 3.0-3.1)by vlad
  169. Anyone modded some Greek Infantry?
  170. Modding difficulty
  171. Creating a Provincial Campaign
  172. help-stuck on Greek swordy hoplite
  173. Saved DDS producing square shield
  174. Question on adding buildings
  175. Petition for the exposure of AI build routines
  176. An appeal to the wise
  177. Quick modding question from a total novice..
  178. From Russia with love
  179. -show_err
  180. Unlink Happiness and Squallor
  181. max. no. of factions?
  182. Gaul and Julii populations-a mod question
  183. Is starting a total modification worth it right now ?
  184. Skeleton Warriors
  185. Point in Gloss?
  186. Triarii - 1st Cohorts - Roman Generals Mods
  187. I want to conquer the world! (darn 50 province limit)
  188. RTW traits by Poohbear
  189. Camera edit?
  190. Improved Phalanx
  191. Sword/Shield carrying Archers?
  192. Running RTW in Window Mode
  193. Modding Seige Equipment?
  194. Problem with the UV coordinates for the skin of a new unit
  195. Deleting Factions
  196. Mod: Rome Augmentation Pack v1.0
  197. Limit to total number of units in export_unit
  198. 3 Roman Factions
  199. Important information on unit attributes with the intention to improve the AI
  200. Renaming Buildings
  201. Modding a unit card
  202. Any mod ready??
  203. Need help adding a unit to a faction
  204. editing with gmax
  205. How do i change the number of units??
  206. Soldiers of the death empires.
  207. RMD format what is it?
  208. Getting rid of the Senate
  209. Squalor removal
  210. Need some help with error message
  211. Adding amazon unit card?
  212. Problem with CAS importer plugin
  213. New concept in modding-Adaptation
  215. Camera Hack(zooming galore)
  216. Changing General Units
  217. Damn time....
  218. Editing unit stats-goooood editor???
  219. Modding Individual Unit stats
  220. Modding units
  221. Help needed in adding a new province.
  222. Using new ui_1.PAK will result in CTD when going into battle mode?
  223. WorldWar I Mod
  224. Modding life-span
  225. Adding events
  226. AI modding
  227. How to choose Musics?
  228. What are GLOSS files?
  229. How do I rip RTW music?
  230. 3ds max question
  231. Has anyoned ever encountered this bug ?
  232. Changing Character Names
  233. Does anyone know to increase frequncy of storms?
  234. RTR 3.2 Backup and Restore
  235. Complex conditionals for recruiting and building
  236. Question about RTR 3.2
  237. Kensei type Unit
  238. were is the Interface bar ?
  239. Children Born rates/Modifiers?
  240. How to change the normal hoplite skin to a different one
  241. Building plugins? What are they?
  242. Ancillaries
  243. Unit 3d meshes
  244. Problem with new mountains
  245. How upload my update(mod) 3 mgb or more ???
  246. The Trivium's CVP
  247. Has anybody tried to make a fall of rome mod?
  248. General bodyguards
  249. Date/Event Based Unit Triggers?
  250. Removing Bribery question