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  1. Some Basic Experiments with Economy
  2. Squalor
  3. Creative Assembly Investigation of Devastation
  4. Research: the best foot unit
  5. Tax Income
  6. Guide to Temples
  7. Investigation of the Phalanx formation
  8. Slaves resource
  9. Distance to Capital Public Order penalties
  10. Creative Assembly Unrest Public Order Penalties
  11. Creative Assembly Culture Public Order Penalties
  12. Corruption
  13. Trade Research from Quietus' Quick Economics Guide
  14. Research: Elephants, Healing, and Multiple Hit Points
  15. Investigation of Trade Income
  16. Forum is open
  17. Creative Assembly Subforum Name
  18. Research: the abilities of agents
  19. Building strategies
  20. Read this before posting!
  21. Investigation of Experience Points (chevrons)
  22. Creative Assembly Investigation of Battle Odds
  23. Investigation of unit attributes
  24. Investigation of Bribery Costs
  25. Garrison Effects
  26. Research: Effects of Command
  27. Research: Battlefield AI
  28. Creative Assembly Game mechanics questions for CA
  29. The Influence of Influence for diplomats
  30. Research: Public Order and Bribe Cost
  31. Research suggestions and discussion
  32. Research Subject Tree
  33. Admin Income
  34. Archery vs. Weather
  35. Investigation of Senate missions
  36. Missile Attack Index
  37. Research: Effects of Roads
  38. Research: Fixing the trait bugs
  39. Research: Fixes for bugs in the unit file
  40. Filespace for the Ludus Magna Forum
  41. Brainstorming: Inconsistencies in the unit file
  42. Investigation of Farming
  43. Investigation of AI personalities
  44. Staff organisation
  45. Investigation of AI reassessment upon reload
  46. Investigation of unit retraining
  47. Creative Assembly CA asks for Bug List - to be fixed in the expansion
  48. Investigation of general bodyguard size
  49. Research: Battle Difficulty
  50. Research: Effect of Defence
  51. Research: what causes rebels to appear?
  52. Research: the effect of Academies
  53. Discussion: the most cost-effective unit?
  54. Questions to CA about BI game mechanics
  55. Research: effects of shieldwall and schiltrom formations
  56. Research : Seige Equipment
  57. Research: Loyalty and Emerging Factions
  58. Research: Artillery projectiles & Generals
  59. Research: Unit Morale
  60. Research: Numerical investigation of Unit Stats & Attributes
  61. Research: AI and pathfinding