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06-12-2008, 21:29
Rome: Total War had several factions for each culture, the three Roman factions being most obvious. There were also at least four "Barbarian" nations, two African, three or four Greek ones and several Asian.

Would it be possible to introduce such factions into this mod, where applicable?

Various Imperial Elector Counts are not above fighting each other, aspecially those who worship Sigmar with those who worship Ulric. I guess the same goes for Bretonnian Dukes. As far as Chaos goes, worshippers of *the same* God need little excuse to attack each other, let alone the servants of another one. Skaven clans and Orc tribes are far from being united. Even the Tomb Kings and the Vampire Counts are having internal struggles.

Of course the true reason for my suggestion is that I'd like to play a Tomb King faction still loyal to Nagash, but maybe it'd be an interesting expansion for everyone?

I thank you for your time

Lord Gorthuar de Veris
Cult of Nagash

06-13-2008, 09:22
Well, the mods going under re-evaluation at the minute so this is up in the air at the minute but going by the original plan your answer would be:

It would be possible, but not very realistic imo. The empire and brettonia are cohesive entitys for example, there is some internal squabbling but nothing on the level which would warrant seperate factions, best to use loyalty for this. Likewise Skaven, infighting is greater with these but they do have a central government of sorts in the council of thirteen, loyalty again would be used here. Orcs and Chaos are not likely to start united, more likely you'll be taking the role of one particular warboss. chaos were going to be divided into one faction per god and we talked about having a few seperate orc/goblin factions thbough I dont think a decision was made on that. As for a renegade Tomb king faction the Black Tower of Arkan is on the map but I dont think it warrents the use of a faction slot, rebel settlement would be more appropriate in my opinion. One place though that could use some fleshing out with sub-factions is Naggaroth, the fluff is seriously lacking in this area.

06-13-2008, 16:24
The Roman factions in RTW were "governed" by the Senate, and it worked quite well even if they were all handled by an AI. The same could be done in the case of the Skaven and I can see it working splendidly. Also, keep in mind that though the Council of Thirteen is there, it rarely cares if one lesser clan butchers another. Heck, the Lords of Decay were known to turn their backs on a fellow lord who's clan was threatened by an ambitious lesser clan...

True, splitting Bretonnia and the Empire into sub-factions might be stretching it. That said, if Marienburg was to be a faction, I guess it'd be an Imperial culture. From what I understand, Dark Elven infighting rarely takes the Druchii to the battlefield. An assassin's dagger is their preffered method of solving such disputes, so I don't se much room for factions here.

As for my dreams of a Nagashite faction of the Tomb Kings... I didn't have the Black Tower of Arkhan in mind. A little to the northeast of Nehekhara lies the glorious Nagashizzar... or is that off the map too?

I thank you for your time

Lord Gorthuar de Veris
Cult of Nagash

06-13-2008, 18:24
If there would be more factions on the map representing skaven clans, elector counts etc. then the
map layout of the factions currently would have to be split up further making starting difficult & one
might be powerfuller than the other, for example, Reichland to Hochland. With the idea of Skaven
having a senate would mean that they would have to change the structure so that instead of the
Skaven having to get favour from the senate & people to fight each other this could be difficult &
the amount of work that has already been put upon the team this could be considered a waste of
time, I think this should be included in a expansion if the team r ever able to make one.. Though this
is only my opinion.

06-14-2008, 15:16
The whole point with splitting Rome up into three factions was simply because sooner or later they were going to go head-to-head. There's nothing even remotely like it in Imperial history. Splitting them up is IMHO only warranted if we know they will split apart at one point.

06-14-2008, 19:04
Oh really? Ever heard of the Age of the Three Emperors? One proclaimed himself in Nuln, one in Talabheim, and one in Marienburg (which was an Imperial city at the time). They proceeded to hack at each other for several hundreds of years, and even the Vampire Wars didn't see them united for long. The one to unite the Empire again was, I think, Magnus the Pious in 2300.

Anyway, I'm more into splitting Chaos (which, I understand, is already planned), Greenskins, Skaven (if they manage to get enough provinces, that is...), Tomb Kings and possibly Vampire Counts (again, *very* few provinces, so maybe better not to). The Empire and Bretonnia were just random ideas.

I thank you for your time

Lord Gorthuar de Veris
Cult of Nagash

06-17-2008, 12:40
M2TW allows a maximum of 8 cultures; the 7 defaults (northern_european, southern_european, eastern_european, middle_eastern, greek, and mesoamerican) and one you can add. So it's possible to make some factions a different culture.