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06-22-2008, 23:51
I posted a topic on p&m forum, cause i thougth firstly is was related to the mod...

it's not

a part of my topic:

well i' don't understand anything... if someone know something, please tell me

So ihave two installed versions of MTw, each one for a different mod

the first one, with ntw, is working fine,

the second one, i tried a bunch of mod on it,like pke and muskets, mtw xl, bKb, samurai warlords...

only samurai warlords worked!

of course, after triyng a mod, i did new fresh instalation of mtw vi, with version required for the mod i'm trying (fortunatly all of theim are for VI 2,01)

i also tried changing drivers of my graphic card. it change nothing.
i know there is some issues with nvidia card, but, if it's not working on theim, why is it working with ntw???

it's really, really strange...

Oh, i realised i forgot to explain when it's crashing^^

it's crashing when :
starting a french campaign, the game load, i see the map for less than a second and it crash. (for p&m bkb and mtw xl)
starting a scot one for bkb and mtw xl : it crash after succefull built of a building, didn't remenber witch one, when i got to the region who got it.
for all countires : when i zoom on campaign map

Baron von Manteuffel
06-23-2008, 14:55
@Trotski12 My guess would be corrupted downloads or bad installations of the mods that didn't work. You should troubleshoot a mod individually. When you group them all together as you did and then ask for help, it's difficult to assist you. Specifically, I have the BKB Supermod, XL, Fall of Rome, and MedMod installed and they work fine for me. The BKB installation is a little tricky. You install the mod BKB 2.0 to your Total War folder NOT the Medieval - Total War folder. The BKB 2.1 patch does install to the Medieval - Total War folder, if I remember correctly. ~:)

06-29-2008, 14:21
thanks Baron von Manteuffel, but it's not a mod issue, i've tested theim all on other machines.
seems something not going round on mine.

06-29-2008, 14:33
oops, double post