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07-31-2008, 12:23
In the game, if you want to fully conquer an enemy, you have to occupy every single city or kill all the family members of the faction (however they often are located in the remaining settlements so you'll have to siege them anyway in most cases).

But this didn't happen always in history.

When Alexander entered in Egypt, local priests gave him the title of pharaoh, he hadn't to go to Nubia and Ethiopia in order to attack Persian-controlled cities that can spawn dangerous armies.
When Hannibal entered in Italy, the Gauls joined his army, and when he defeated the Romans in Canne many Italic populations revolted against Rome.
When Rome occupied Greece, the poleis didn't stay quiet just like when in the game you see all green faces showing the high public order, and when an enemy army was incoming they often revolted hoping for a liberation.

So, is possible to script something that could give EB this possibility? To see unrest getting higher if an enemy army is approaching, simulating civil disorders in just conquered cities that want to free themselves from your rule. In example, a Seleucid army lands in Greece and thus the Roman controlled cities increase their unrest in order to get freedom, instead of remaining loyal and happy.

Or the old bad hardcoding is still behind the corner?

07-31-2008, 13:25
I'm afraid there's virtually no way to script this.

07-31-2008, 23:16
To be fair when Rome "occupied" Greece, and didn't "Exterminate" or "Enslave" them Greeks, many did revolt in history as they do in RTW. That's when 'em Romans "Exterminated/Enslaved" Corinth.

08-11-2008, 19:33
Its a shame that cant be scripted because thats a really good idea.

08-12-2008, 11:36
What about an alternative using traits. When a family member is in a province he doesn't hold he gets one of say, three traits based on his personality and some chance

1. Has support of locals, elements of the local populace support the invasion of this general and his troops feel like liberators and are welcomed by some local leaders , +1 morale

2. Locals are neutral, have fun with ruling a city of fence sitters

3. Angers the locals, the other way around to above, -1 morale

Obviously there's a lot of complex social and cultural influence that would determine whether or not the locals would have helped this fellow, but I think something this would be sufficient to address this element of the game, without be overly complex and bug-prone.

And I'm sure it could be so much more eloquently and convincing worded. :oops: