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08-13-2008, 11:13
Validus Regnum is a mod for M2TW, which covers a huge area of land, from Scotland, to Ghana, beyond the Urals, and into the Indian subcontinent. The mod is set between 1072, with the formation of the Kingdom of Leon-Castille and the battle of Manzikert having just occured; to 1218, when the Mongols invaded the Kara-Khitan lands to the far east of the map. Validus Regnum aims to provide a much more challenging and historically accurate gameplay experience, by providing faction-specific government buildings, an advanced 'Area of Recruitment' system, realistic representation of infrastructure, populations, and economics, and accurate formations and tactics for AI armies. In particular, VR aims to recreate the area covered as accurately as possible at the start date in 1072, while realistic AI (and player) development will be encouraged.

While I understand that some factions, such as Bohemia, Kiev, and in particular Serbia are often very popular within the M2TW modding community, I have chose not to include them as they simply do not merit a faction slot at 1072 AD, and considering this mods timeframe is shorter than mosts, these factions rise to power is in most cases outside the timeframe for Validus Regnum. By representing these factions through either 'Minor Factions' or government buildings for thier overlords in their territories, extra slots have been freed up to expand the map and include areas such as sub-Saharan Africa and parts of India, and I hope this will add an epic, semi-mythical atmosphere that in my opinion was achieved brilliantly by Europa Barbarorum. The king-worship of Ghana and unique culture of the Kara-Khitans add an exciting element to the steriotypically dark, fragmented realms of feudal Europe.

As well as the forum here at the Guild, we also have our official forum, where most of the discussion has taken place. If you want to sign up to the team, its easiest to go across to the official VR forums (http://s15.invisionfree.com/Validus_Regnum/).

If you feel you can contribute at all, don't hesitate to sign up!

10-22-2008, 10:54
what about the Croatian kingdom?
under King Dmitar Zvonimir (1075-1089) still an independant Kingdom, stretching from the drava river to the adriatic sea (todays croatia + bosnia).

10-22-2008, 16:52
The Kingdom of Croatia is represented as a Rebel sub-faction. It will own Sisak, Zadar, and Visoko at the start.

11-02-2008, 18:01
I didn't know there is forum here! :laugh4: you should of said.