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08-13-2008, 12:01
Q: What timeframe does VR cover?
A: The start date is 1073 AD, which is ideal as it is shortly after the Norman conquest of England, just after the battle of Manzikert, and also because the Kingdom of Leon-Castile had just been formed. The end date is 1218 AD, as this is when the Mongols invaded the Kara-Khitan lands to the far east of the map.

Q: What factions are included?
A: The Kingdom of Scotland
The Kingdom of Ireland
The Kingdom of England
The Kingdom of France
The Duchy of Aquitaine
The Kingdom of Leon-Castille
The Kingdom of Aragon
The Kingdom of Norway
The Kingdom of Denmark
The Holy Roman Empire
The Kingdom of Poland
The Kingdom of Hungary
The Republic of Venice
The Duchy of Apulia-Calabria
The Papal States
The Byzantine Empire
The Kingdom of Georgia
Zagwe Dynasty
The Murabitun
The Zirids
The Fatimid Caliphate
The Seljuq Empire
The Kara-Khanid Khanate
The Ghaznavid Empire
The Volga-Bulgar Khanate
The Kipchaks

Q: Is VR being made for M2TW or Kingdoms?
A: VR is run through kingdoms.exe, as this allows for many new features, as can be seen from the use of scripting through the four Kingdoms campaigns. Because of this, we can now include features such as unions between factions, changing a faction symbol mid-campaign, converting a factions religion, and many other things.

Q: Will there be an AOR system?
A: Yes, VR will feature quite a compex area of recruitment system, strongly related to our governments feature. In most cases, you will be largely limited to recruiting regional units in a province until it has been under your rule for some time. There's a map showing a rough plan for an AOR system:
https://img108.imageshack.us/img108/4377/aormapreadyeb4.th.jpg (https://img108.imageshack.us/my.php?image=aormapreadyeb4.jpg)

Q: Will permanent forts be used at all?
A: Yes, permanent forts will play a significant roll in making individual regions much harder to conquer. They will also be used as gathering points for armies summoned throught the feudal levy script. Capturing each fort will be crucial in establishing your control over a region.

Q: Will there be a governments system used, similar to mods such as EB?
A: Yes. Each faction will have four tiers of government, and these are in most cases unique for each faction. These will represent control from direct royal rule, down to simply allied states. The government system is vital in limiting the power of the factions which own more regions, one example being the HRE. The government system will have a significant effect on the happiness and prosperity of a region, as well as how much of its income goes to your treasury. This is one of the most important features of VR.

Q: Will VR add any roleplaying elements to the M2TW experience?
A: Yes, this is one aspect which is extremely important to VR. The traits system will be massively expanded. Also, titles can be given to chosen characters for each region you own (depending on which government system you implement). For example, if a France you will to grant the title of "Duke of Burgundy" to a character, he will gain this title through his retinue, where the coat of arms of the Dukes of Anjou will appear. These titles will also grant loyalty bonuses, and perhaps have other affects as well.

Q: Will any new religions be added alongside the five vanilla ones?
A: We plan on expanding the religion system quite a bit. Since our map is expanded significantly, Hinduism, Zoroastroism, and Buddhism will all likely be included. Also, there will be new religions added to the European regions, including Celtic Christianity, which still has significant influence in both Scotland and Ireland, and to a lesser extent Brittany and Wales.