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08-21-2008, 06:48
just a quick question for a long time fan!!! How many STEADY members does EB 2 have? I know alot of people join but how many are there now 30-40 including testers and stuff? I know you guys have been recruiting like mad and have taken on some good talent like Taranaich from conan total war, and others as well I am just curious to know an estimate of team members. :inquisitive::beam:

08-22-2008, 18:10
The EB team has a large flux of members getting active and inactive, which means we'd have a lot of work just trying to keep that list up to date at all times. However, usually we have around 30 active members at any moment, between historians, artists, programmers and supporting elements.

08-22-2008, 18:24
thanx I appreciate the reply:beam: