View Full Version : Is this complete??

Big Bear
11-23-2008, 10:58
Hi, down-loaded this it looks great, but can only get the dumies to work in the campaign. Is there a more comple version out? Or am i doing somthing wrong. It would seem a shame that a Mod in such an advanced stage can't be played as a camapaign. The Battle thing works well exept for the leopards crashing any more news?

11-23-2008, 13:48
Dear Big Bear,
please read the READ ME FOR NEW FOLK.

Big Bear
11-23-2008, 20:28
Hi, missed that bit. Is it just a matter of alocating the units to the buildings? (I seen somewhere in the discusion something about a new system of recruiting.) If it's that simple it shouldn't be too hard to make some sort of campagn out of the Beta. Any pointers or hints at what not to do or otherwise.

Big Bear