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11-25-2008, 21:27
I played through it several times on alot of custom battles, and I was mainly playing as the demons.
I really like some of the new units, they are pretty nifty looking and very fun to play with.
I did notice a strange thing though while in combat, and that is that a bunch of orange looking sticks/markers came out of the units if you zoom away from them. Sort of like markers saying they are there.
I thought it was just for the demons at first since it matched, but it was for the enemies as well, lol.
It seems like a minor bug though.

I noticed a change in the units banners, the ones that the flag bearers/officers hold. The flags or banners, are alot smaller than they used to be. That looks a bit nice since the original ones were pretty huge and looked funky when they flopped down after the banner carrier died, lol.

I was wondering if the Demon officers could look more evil? Like instead of a beard on a skeleton, how about some evil looking demon mask or something? Just a little thing there. :2thumbsup:

Other than that, the game crashed for me once, but thats because my video card doesnt like mods or something, my computer seriously tweaked out, but its all good.

Oh, and how is the campaign coming along? Thats one of the major features I really enjoy.

Thanks for the awesomeness Rinsui!


11-26-2008, 09:29
Heh you mean you want to put Mempo's on the Demons?
Wouldn't that be a sight :laugh4:

11-26-2008, 11:36
@Masonop: The "Orange thingies" you see at long distance are dummy sprites. They will be gone in the final release. I chose to have the sprites calculated last (this is an automatic process) because I still tend to tweak and change units on-the-fly sometimes, which would result in having to do the sprites again later. Also, sprites would serously inflate the mod size.

11-26-2008, 19:15
Aww, I see.
Its all part of the plan.

12-05-2008, 10:33
Nice new update Rinsui, and if it wasn't it there before ( I might have missed it) also very nice that you have implemented the non-beta version with weekly updates :beam:

12-05-2008, 14:21
Ah... actually, the thing on the Rinsui's updates page is still a beta. But perhaps a little less beta than before with every weekly update. You can now use the Akagi, Zensen, Choson and Karazai in Multiplayer (custom) battles, and they should be pretty well balanced. For some, however, the descriptions do not fully match their real abilities. For example, some of the archers have a rather long range to compensate for less accuracy (or less frequency of volleys), but there isn't anything to point that out yet. At the moment I'm thinking about how (and whether) to actually list the "complete" stats of all units in the descriptions; actually the attack power numbers and such are far from telling the whole story behind RTWs battle mechanics. For example: take a 2-handed unit. With the same attack and defense values as a single-handed unit it will always win against the latter hands down. Why? Because the actual attack animation is faster.

The question is now: Should I actually point out *all* the numbers of major importance in the long unit descriptions (or even the short descriptions), or should I rather "keep it a mystery why those fierce-looking guys with poleaxes always win"...? Well, I know why, but should the player also know?

12-06-2008, 20:00
I think the player just wants to kill things, lol.