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11-26-2008, 19:53

I forgot to give proper credits to anyone for my tyberius mod versions 2.3 and 3.0

So, now I'll try to amend this:

Credits and Special thanks regarding all Tyberius mod and patches:

Viking Horde: for giving the permission to patch his mod. and for making it!

Cegorach: for all the tips and ideas and the graphics I stole from PMTW :D

Blind king of Bohemia: for his great BKB mod and the (several) units I stole from too :)

Axalon: for Additional unit-review pics, additional unit icons, additional info-pics and other various graphic material used in this game (for several and various info-pics),(and for teaching me in his "advanced whining mode" about how to make a good info pic) .”

Duke john: for his great pikemen textures

Omar pacha: who showed me how an icon must look

And To all the people in the forum who helped on this mod development with tips and comments.

My apologies,