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12-10-2008, 10:27
I've read somewhere that in order to avoid the imposed limits of the standard MTW 1087 - 1453 campaign that a mod can be based on the VI campaign? Now before I even think about going to the trouble of "porting" everything over to this, what are the pitfalls? I'm sure that events will disappear? What other issues are there? Will the GH, Swiss and Burgundians still appear and do the Papacy still work as expected (I'm thinking not)?

12-10-2008, 20:15
If you change the start date in the startpos files from 1087, 1205 and 1321 to 087, 205 and 321, the events of the standard campaign will disappear. You also have to add the end date (see the Viking startpos), otherwise the end date will be 1453 and the events will be appearing at the same time (even the events of the Viking campaign), and the campaign will be very long!
// And the games End date..
SetGameEndDate:: 453

But if you want that the game panel shows the years 1... you have to open the Changes file in the Loc folder and change

{"AD %d"}


{"AD 1%d"}

The GH, Swiss and Burgundians don't appear, but I think the Papacy still work.

12-11-2008, 00:19
Hmmm... so even when based on the VI campaign, using those years the events will still occur?

12-11-2008, 22:11
What do you mean by "when based on the VI campaign"? Do you refer to the land region declarations? From my own experience I think that events will only disappear if you change the start dates just as I say above. The events are hard-coded and will be appearing at the same years, but if you also change the end date they "will disappear".
If you change the names of the regions (standard "ID_SCOTLAND" to VI "ID_LANDREG_01") the events will not disappear and the game will crash because some events are linked to specific region labels.

12-11-2008, 23:29
So if I was to change the end date of the VI campaign to 1453, the events that occur in MTW would occur in that also, except that because of the province naming they would crash it? (this is not what I'm trying to do by the way, I'm just trying to understand this better).

Thanks for the replies :bow:

12-14-2008, 19:26
Exactly! I became aware of this when I installed the mod Reconquista TW. I tried to play several campaigns but the game always crashed around the year 1150. The province naming of the mod and the VI campaign is the same ("ID_LANDREG_01"), and this was the cause of the CTDs because the event of the fairs of Champagne appears around 1150 but the game engine didn't find the region "ID_CHAMPAGNE" in the startpos file. You can test it if you change the start date of the VI campaign to 1140 for instance (and also the end date to 1453), and you will see how your VI campaign will crash in a few turns.

12-14-2008, 20:20
So in reality the events occur in a stream starting from the beginning of the Viking campaign with the warning about the Vikings and ending at 1453 with the "it's over message". So if I was to change the start date of my early campaign to 1065 and click end turn, would I be informed that William the bastard of Normandy has a arrived, but the game wouldn't end as that's determined by the end date right?

Anyway with the mod I'm working on there isn't much I can do as either way I lose. If I do set the start date to 087 and add on the one at the beginning it will remove any troublesome events, but will also get rid of the arrival of the Mongols, Swiss and Burgundians. So it looks like I'll just have to work around it.

Many thanks


12-15-2008, 00:29
Yes, the game wouldn't end because the predetermined end date of the early campaign is 1453. You can only change it by adding a line like this after the start date:
// And the games End date..
SetGameEndDate:: ?