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01-04-2009, 13:45

When I was playing MTW, the mod i was enjoying the most was WeSW MeDmod, even if it was never totally finished. I think he introduced several revolutionary ideas there, which were then used in the most successfull mods of RTW like EB and RTR.

I was playing his mod, massively changed for my taste, of course, even when I already had RTW and MTW2.

I planned to release something based on his work, but suddenly, year ago, my computer went down and I bought a new one... Sadly, MTW do not work with my new graphic card at all. So I stopped the work.

Some time ago, I bought a new notebook and realised I can run MTW on it.

So I want to finally release something based on MTW.

I have one problem though. As I want to include some things included in the last version of MedMod (like map and economic model which I like the most), i need to know how is it with author rights here. I tried to contact WesW several times, but without success. I know he had some serious health issues before and could not use computer for some time. And I even do not know if he still use his old email and his site at Apolyton :


So if anyone knows how to handle this or how to contact him, please, tell me.


01-04-2009, 14:43
Now to what I want to accomplish:

The mod aims for the same timespan as original MTW, so roughly 1100 - 1450

should be the same as in original with the addition of:
Ireland, Scottish, Portugal, Sweden, Italians splitted in two (Genoese and Venetians), Crusader States, Teutonic order, Lithuanians, Khazar or Cumans, Kievan rus and some balkan pagan faction

not all factions in all eras, of course

some of them are there to create competition to where there was none before, like Scandinavia, British isles and balkans.


This is the aspect of MedMod which characterized it. All factions should have complete unique troop tree and those units are recruitable only from some provinces, characterised as homelands. So no english longbowmen trained in Bohemia, for example. This troops should reflect which units they really used and how good they were. There should not be complete balance in this. Some countries simply had better armies in some times. And the player should be pressed to use the units the faction was known for. This would create better replayability, as some factions should be played differently than others.

Because this approach needs a lots of units in datafiles and as MTW unit datafile can only have a finite number of units, there is no place for redundant units. All units should have an exact place in faction roster and be used as such.

Melee oriented units should be put into one of three main categories: infantry, spearmen and heavy cavalry. Cavalry should beat infantry, infantry spearmen and spearmen cavalry if all is equal (like units are from the same tier, era and all is on flat plain, and combat is front to front). This fact shoud be there to ensure the diversity of units on the battlefield. And computer cannot handle some tactics human can, like forming hard CC infantry into thin line which can envelop spearmen and butcher them for example.

In late era, polearm will appear and so the introduction of kinda universal infantry, capable to defeat both spearmen and cavalry.

Some factions would have clear advantage in some troop types. For example, french knights should be superior over other nations heavy cavalry, and the same is with english foot knights and bowmen.

more types of different bows, like composite bow eastern factions would use

I would like to use the last version of map MedMod use, because it has a lot of great features, like better defensibility of Constantinopole and better provinces layout in some areas, like Spain.

But there is the problem I mentioned in the previous post.

Because of some issues with units, some buildings should be marked as unique. I too want to greatly simplify unit production tree of buildings. To probably only one ladder of buildings, like in EB, with the addition of horse breeders ladder for cavalry. I also want to remove valour bonuses from the top tier of buildings, you should be able to create more advanced units instead and the bonus did not work as intended. There will be more changes to buildings.

I want to folow it whenever possible. But I simply do not know everything. Its because some nations warfare is well known and there are a lots of books about it, but but some nations are unknown for me. I especially cannot put together historical Holy roman empire unit roster, 1100 AD Byzantines, Spain, Poland and Hungary. So if anyone can or want to help, I will be glad.

So, those are my plans. I do not know if anybody is interested in such mod, but it will be fun for me to put it together and i will do it, if only for myself:)

If anybody is interested in helping me, I much appreciate it. I am mainly interested in artists who can make unit icons, know how to work with troops animation as I am totally inept in it.

I can work with files otherwise, but graphic is not my playgroud.


01-05-2009, 12:45
Can it run on MTW vikng2.0??I want to know

01-05-2009, 14:43
Greetings Revenant, did you try contacting WesW here at the .org or emailing direct from the link on his site?

The MedMod is a great starting point on which to base any mod, so I wish you every success with that.


01-06-2009, 13:15
Can it run on MTW vikng2.0??I want to know

Yes, It can, I run it on Viking invasion.

01-06-2009, 13:16
Greetings Revenant, did you try contacting WesW here at the .org or emailing direct from the link on his site?

The MedMod is a great starting point on which to base any mod, so I wish you every success with that.


I tried both, but to no success...

01-06-2009, 16:04
Incredibly interested in this.

You'll have at least one happy play-tester should you decide to continue...

01-06-2009, 16:06
A few words about units, the most popular faction today:)

Like in original MedMod, some units will become absolete, once the faction stopped using them and sometimes because of balancing or certain combat style focusing aim.

In reality i should use Knights as superior heavy cavalry and men at arms, which are heavy cavalry with no knighted members and lesser quality equipment. It will create need for a high number of units with similar roles... So there is usually only one type of heavy cavalry per era, but older knights are usable still. You can think about them as men at arms when new knights are available.

Bodyguard units are best knights usually, thats for all faction. Some factions would have elite infantry as BG instead.


In the early era, the main strength should be heavy Norman knights with the support of spearmen and the Foot Norman knights. The foot Normans are there mainly for siege battles, but are good infantry nonetheless. The archers are average yet.
In High era, the focus should shift to better foot troops, and archers with the introduction of longbow. Knights are average. No new spearmen.
In late era, the One hundred years war english army will arise. Its characterised with excellent foot knights armed with short polearms and longbowmen which have good close combat capability themselves. There are also billmen, defensive polearm unit. Mounted knights are slightly below average.

Norman knights (superior feudal knights) - only Early
Foot Norman Knights (superior feudal MAA, small unit) - only Early
English spearmen (feudal sgts)
English Bowmen (standard archers)
Muntators (light cavalry with javelins) - i am not sure about this unit

English Men at arms (chivalric MAA)
English Chivalric knights (standard Chivalric knights)
Welsh Longbowmen (bowmen with the longbow, but with poor CC stats)

Late:(all early units nontrainableexcept Muntators)
English Foot Knights (something resembling Chivalric foot knights but with short polearm and better stats. Bodyguard unit of this era)
English Longbowmen (superior Longbowmen)
English Late knights (weaker late knights, similar to lancers and such. Very limited AOR, they lack lance, to make them weaker in charge)
Billmen (large block of defensive polearm AP infantry)

short polearm - AP, but no bonus vs. cavalry
Both English foot knights and English longbowmen should have some small bonus vs. cavalry inherently.


01-08-2009, 12:45
when you release this mod?eager to play

01-08-2009, 14:38
when you release this mod?eager to play

When it will be done.

There is problem though, because WesW still has not answered my mails and i am using a lots of content from MedMod.

01-08-2009, 23:51
Another faction today...

Some of high end units need 2 years to train, it is the case with the best knights both mounted and dismounted. And this is the case with all factions, not only with French.


French should be the ultimate heavy cavalry faction. Historically, they used a lot of different troop types like mercenary Genoese crossbowmen with pavises or swiss mercenary pikemen, but the troop choices i gave them should press player and AI alike to depend on superior mounted knights.

The main French advantage is the fact their mounted knightly units are bigger in size (50 instead 40 like other catholic faction cavalry bodyguards). The same is with Mounted Sergeants. They have foot knights to their disposal too, but the size of the unit is usually only 50 men strong, to simulate the fact they are really dismounted cavalry.

Again, a lot of those concepts appeared in medMod.

Feudal Knights (50 men cavalry)
Mounted Sergeants (50 men cavalry)
Feudal Foot Knights (50 men infantry, feudal MAA)- Early, High
Feudal Sergeants - Early, High

Chivalric knights (50)
Dismounted Chivalric Knights (50, chivalric MAA)

Companies de Ordonnance
Gendarmes (Chivalric knights, 40 men, one year to train )
Voulgiers (large block of defensive Polearm infantry)
Dismounted French knights (something resembling Chivalric foot knights but with short polearm and better stats, 50 men)


01-21-2009, 00:42

Italians are divided into two factions, Genoese and Venetians. Historically, Italian city states used superior militias AND standard heavy knightly cavalry in 11. and 12. centuries, and famous condottieri mercenary armies after that.
Wesw gave them superior spearmen in all periods and created all their unit roster around it. I took it as a basis, but changed it somehow, for more historical approach. It was because Condottieri armies were composed mainly from heavy cavalry mercenaries.

Italian militia (superior feudal sgts) early, high
Italian Sailors (crossbowmen with better cc stats)
Scutiferi (superior medium cavalry aka better feudal sgts)
Popolo Infantry (excellent armoured spearmen, BG unit, 60 strong)Early, high

Italian MAA (chivalric MAA, BG unit)
Mounted crossbows
Italian nobles (Feudal knights)
Pavise Crossbows

Mercenary spearmen (chivalric sgts.)merc (maybe i will use heavy pikemen instead)
Pavise Arbalest
Provisionati (heavy infantry with halberd, BG unit)
Condottieri (heavy cavalry, like Lancers)merc
Organ gun


Buildable mercenaries are another WeSW concept I like very much. In original Med Mod, faction which could build them usually had some specific provinces with mercenaries resource. There you could build Inn and with another building(s) you could train buildable mercs.
Here, buildable mercenaries work just like other factional units, they have the same AOR like them and do not need inn. But you need to pay bigger upkeep than is usual.


To this day, WesW has not answered my emails:(
If anyone knows how to contact him, I would much appreciate it.


01-22-2009, 07:26
Feel free to use and abuse of any resources found on my mods for your project

01-22-2009, 10:40
Feel free to use and abuse of any resources found on my mods for your project

Thanks for you offer, I just downloaded and checked your textures, they look great. I can use a lots of you unit graphics modification if you do not mind:)


Btw, WesW finally answered my mail and approved to use his work:)


01-22-2009, 13:22
Really good news,loking forward to play the mod