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The Black Ship
11-16-2000, 10:54
Well I've seen Shogun in the bargain bin now at Best Buys and Electronic Boutique, all within the last week. Only $29.95...so buy one and give it to your friend, at least you can keep the interest high until TW2 http://www.totalwar.org/ubb/smile.gif

Don't decapitate me if I put this thread in the wrong forum...couldn't tell where it belonged http://www.totalwar.org/ubb/wink.gif

11-16-2000, 13:35
If only I thought! I could have saved my $30 (Canadian) and wouldn't have been up all night trying to conquor Japan for weeks on end! AAAARGH!

11-16-2000, 13:42
every once in a while i check to see if the price of AOK has gone down (it hasnt) but havent seen STW dropped into the bargain bin yet, either. must be location.

Dark Phoenix
11-17-2000, 09:26
Well it cost me $100 Australian to buy Shogun. I think now it may have dropped to $90.


11-17-2000, 10:07
hell i bought shogun for 29.00 the day it came out babbages had it miss priced from the normal 39.00 http://www.totalwar.org/ubb/smile.gif

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The Black Ship
11-17-2000, 11:08
Wonder how much $$ it would cost to ship it to Australia Phoenix http://www.totalwar.org/ubb/wink.gif

Devil's Advocate
11-17-2000, 18:15
Black Ship - call Military Simulations in Melbourne and they'll mail it to you if you're not local. They've had it discounted for ages. In fact 2 weeks after I bought it full price at launch.

11-17-2000, 19:40
Darn it, I bought it for $35 bucks!

11-18-2000, 00:37
Out in the Pacific Rim, it's still up around $45 or so.

-- B)