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10-08-2009, 00:49
I'm wondering if we should change the soundtrack for this mod from the original rtw. Since there are a lot of Greek mods I think ours should stand out, so we should do something that's never been done (to my knowledge) and use music from bands that modern people are familiar with and place them in a fitting place. THe style I'm thinking of for this mod is maybe rock and metal music, so like Pink Floyd maybe?

well, let's hear your thoughts

10-11-2009, 09:18
Well, using modern rock music would be interesting. A few good songs that come to mind are "Stand Alone" by Godsmack, "King of Kings" by Motorhead, and "Headstrong" by Trapt.

G. Septimus
10-16-2009, 16:55
yeah,:2thumbsup: that's gonna be cool, because all that roman/greek music makes me bored.

10-17-2009, 03:38
ya it'll be cool, but we're gonna need some suggestions for songs and maybe even somebody iterested in volunteering to go around looking for and implementing music