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10-11-2009, 15:10
Russia guides

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Seamus Fermanagh
02-10-2010, 21:07
So far, the most difficult faction I have played (on VH/H).

Sweden, Georgia, & Dagestan invade quickly. Can manage all of this carefully, but having a weak economy and two fronts (Swedish and Ottoman) both of which have long overland distances to travel makes it difficult to deliver a KO to either prior to other nations joining in. Then, after you balance this and smack both back a good deal, you're rewarded with a war against econimcally powerful Maratha and the betrayal of Poland. Tough juggling act.

02-14-2010, 10:35
M/M - World Domination - Latest patch... 1.5/1.6 (had an update mid way through the campaign) Mods - Added Additional units mod after 1802 just for laughs (not relevant to this guide)

Russia... among my favourite campaigns

Be aware it is also among the difficult - but of course that's a good thing!

Your econamy at the start is weak... in fact really weak, but can but improved rapidly if you willing to invest

At the start you have bad (understating here) relations with the Swedes, at war with the Ottomans and Crimenians, and Dagestan and/or Georgia will probably declare war because thats how the AI rolls in TotalWar games.

First action: Econamy - get it working, quite simple just start developing all those unused mines lying around the place and get rounds to everywere, dosnt matter if there only Basic dirt tracks just get some trade going.
I often choose to developed the first town to spawn to become a research centre (school, college etc) but beaware, this will cause nasty revolution problems later; but at first it will just make the working classes go :|

Pick your enemies carefully, I normally end up detroying the Crimeian Khanate because there just closet, but that trade rout is gonna get PLLAGUED by Pirate ships. Declaring war on Dagestan/Georgia in theory shouldnt be too difficult either. Avoid going into Ottoman terratory like the Plague until you crush the Swedes. Then that + your economic growth, superior units, superior tech should allow you to fight a good smooth war against the Ottomans - Grab the Baltic like a Pimp grabs "dat ass" and Rush for any remaining Turkish terratories like it was Berlin and you were Stalin, because often by now the Marathra's are gleeing in joy over there fabulous patio - In Perisa.

You'll likely get into war with Marathras soon, but also be wary of your ally Poland - if supported it can grow and deal with problems with Europe for you. In my campaign it made several minor-germanic factions (Saxony, Courland, Bavaria) protectorates - you may not be so lucky - it may either crumble under Prussia Pickelhaube might or declare war on you, so be wary, keep it fairly well funded and up to date in tech.

If your war with Marathras is going well keep pushing into India - you may encounter big ass cultural differences but at this point you probably have big ass armies and Secularism to counter this, the wealth of India will make up for all the lives lost and the civil disorder.

Once the Marathras are gone, India should be yours (unless something went Horribly wrong in the AI battles and the Mysore somehow become a world leading power). From this point on you can do almost what ever the hell you like.

I'll show some screenshots of my Russian Campaign (after 1800!) and add some unit guide details etc.

05-31-2010, 18:36
I always play on M/M, just to maximize my enjoyment. They were the very first campaign I played on E:TW. The main reason I chose Russia to play first, was because it was primarily a land war (keep things simple at first), but also it started out with only one enemy. While you have bad relations with a few other nations, I was able to keep the peace with Sweden and Poland-Lithuania for most of the game, which allowed me to overtake the entire Ottoman Empire, Crimean Khanate, and the Armenian region (Georgia, etc..), as well as advance on Persia, and also allowed me to expand across all of North Africa. Sweden for some reason kept their peace with me despite our bad relations. I think the 2 stacks I had waiting outside of St. Petersburg helped, too. Russia starts out with tons of land, but starts out one of the poorest, most backward of the "Major" Nations on the map. Keeping the peace on all fronts but the Ottomans allowed me to build up my economy as well as focus my attacks in one direction. Later in the game I was powerful enough to open up in Eastern and Northern Europe, and I also opened up an attack on the Marathas as well. It made for an interesting introduction to the grand campaign for me.