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10-11-2009, 15:10
Spain guides

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Seamus Fermanagh
04-29-2010, 04:47
Played on H/H with SpecFor, Elite of West, Elite of East

Lord love a duck but things got aggressive quickly!

Traded Flanders the Dutch for Curacao (lets me build colonial line and 12lb arty quickly so as to remove pirates by turn 10 and allow trade); Lombardy to Morocco for Trade; Florida to Portugal for Trade. Goal was to let me wipe out Pirates while building a defense/take portugal/take morocco army without being immediately at war with Holland and GB.

Dutch declare war anyway. Pirate fleet defeated in Carib. Pirate bases quickly scrunched. By 1705 I am at war with France?!? who has taken out the Dutch, the Italian States who're trying to take Italy, the Portugese, the English, and the Moroccans. NONE of whom I declared war upon -- they all beat me to it.

Moral: on H/H, making a move for Curacao may be worth it, but the other trades aren't. Just be a jerk and attack.