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10-11-2009, 15:13
Poland-Lithuania guides

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06-22-2010, 10:09
i could really use one of these...Danes keep slicing my measly polish men to pieces before i can get the horses ready...

Seamus Fermanagh
06-29-2010, 02:51
Only played Poland a time or two, not enough for a complete guide.

Your essential problem is a hybrid of those of Prussia and Russia. You have a central position on the map and can therefore catch if from any direction and your Eastern provinces are woefully undeveloped.

I gave West Prussia to the Saxons and concentrated on crushing East Prussia to consolidate (after signing a trade deal with Austria). Seemed to work pretty well. Danes never became an issue for me because I let Sweden stomp them.

Ottomans declared war quickly, so I countered and took Moldavia and then gave Moldavia to Russia. Russia happy and no border with the Turk. War ended a few turns later -- and I then traded techs with them to make them bleed Austria even more.

War broke out with Austria anyway, but Courland and Russia were quiet and Saxony shielded me from Prussia and the Dane. Took Transylvania from Galicia and then defended it (in order to bleed Austrians). Was able to fight on one front near Austria....until the English invasion. This was a pain, since without any navy -- an economic waste in the early game -- I had to keep a largish garrison in Prussia to kill them. The English repeat this attempt every decade or so. Annoying, but not threatening until they are up-tech a lot.

Build Schools wherever you can squeeze one in without losing control of the province. You will need to get the military tech and inudstrial tech rolling or risk losing in the mid-game to large computer armies that out-qual you and out number you. (The computer will gleefully let you kill two armies to attrit yours to the level it must lose at).