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11-19-2009, 13:44
An idea for a totally unrealistic, historically inaccurate, but pretty cool(and simple) mod.

Rome, 1700. After gathering support among the lower class, with promises of freedom and glory, a group of nobles obsessed with the Ancient Roman Republic, leads a Revolution against the Papal Government.

As the old government is disbanded and exiled, the Senate is instated and a Chancellor, or Consul, elected by the Senators.

The Papal Flag is replaced with a new Roman standard. And, soon, if whispers within the Senate are correct, this flag will be flown in every European capital and city before too long...

That's the idea, in a dramatic sort of way. You play as the Italian rebels, and your first objective would be to take Rome. Of course, the faction itself needs to be changed a bit.

First, I've been thinking about the flag. Should it be red or purple? Should it have an eagle or olive branches? Or both? Should the eagle have one or two heads? Or should they use a local Roman symbol, such as the wolf mother and Romulus and Remus? The only thing that is certain is that the flag should say SPQR.

If you have any ideas for the appearance of the flag, or any other idea - share!

11-20-2009, 05:05
If memory serves, I think the ancient glory of Rome was attempted by Benito Mussolini. :book:

As for the Papal States, and Italian Revolutionaries, Giuseppe Garibaldi would be your man.


11-23-2009, 00:31
Great Idea, I like it.
Maybe the moding teams should really sometimes do alternative history.

12-26-2009, 16:07
Yeah, and this is a pretty simple thing to do. I mean, it's pretty much just a paintjob. =P

G. Septimus
01-05-2010, 14:35
well, will the Religion Change????
because the Roman Standard is an Eagle, not Pegassus(Horse with wings)

02-11-2010, 14:31
I don't think religion change is neccessary. Rome was Christian, after all, at least for a while.