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02-21-2010, 16:35
- it will get glowing reviews and 5/5 stars by the gaming sites.

- it will be buggy as heck and a lot of people won't be able to play it.

- there will be ample Crash to Desktops

- the first reviews by Orgites will be positve ranging from tentative to overwhelming.

- a lot of people won't be able to even get the game to work.

-there will be a lot of posts about how "i just bought a $50 coaster!!!'

- other Orgites will declare it the greatest game in the totalwar series.

- the first patch will come out within the first few weeks to 2 months at most.

- some willl say that this is the very last time CA swindles some money out of them

- others will say, the next time they buy a game, they will be sure to check out what other gamers write about it

- some will say the gaming sites can obviously no longer be trusted and are on the take.

- the multiplayer campaign will be very unstable and not likely to work well until a couple of patches have come out.

- there will be complaints about the fantasy units

- there will be complaints about not being able to play faction x.

- some will declare the game to be unplayable until the modders can get thier hands on it.

- some will say it is cartooney and geared to the casual gamer as opposed to us hardcore gamers and they will be 100% correct

- ...but, it wll most likely be the best napoleonic game i've ever played, and i've played a lot of them, most were crappy.

- so, even knowing all this, i will get it as soon as it gets out, because nothing else comes close to it.

i've played some of the total war clones, they don't compare. i feel sorry for those people who won't be able to get the game to work. i have been one of those people on previous occasions, and may be one of those people again. i respect those people who hold unto their money until they hear from friends they can trust that the game is now playable. i loathe the idea of the story driven campaign, as if i need a babysitter to tell me what to do next, but understand CA is a business, and to appeal to the casual gamer, which is the core of their market, CA needs to tell them what to do and how to play the game. i don't like it, but i accept it. so i willl plunk my money down like the rest of the suckers and enjoy it for what it is. i've given up on a CA game ever being what it could be. which is fine, they and i want different things, they just happen to be the closest game company to make what it is i am looking for.

02-21-2010, 17:05
Well said!

And I think most, if not all, of those predictions will come to pass.


Forward Observer
02-21-2010, 20:00
I could be proved wrong, but I suspect this game will be a bit more stable on release than Empire was. I don't think too many would deny that at release, Empire was probably the most unstable TW game to date. However, CA has had a whole year to work out most of those issues with what is basically the same game engine. Well, at least I hope I'm not proved wrong.:grin: