View Full Version : Gameroom hosting calendar (moved to main gameroom)

03-06-2010, 09:32
Timewise - there should be time enough to run 2 large games and 4 small games a month. For this to work, as little time as possible should be spent on recruiting and getting the game in motion.
I sense that we might already be behind schedule.

The idea is to have a staggered start to the games. Ideally with only a week between the start of each game.
Ideally a large game will run from start to finish within 20 days. For this to work you need a tight schedule with 24 hour phases and 48 hour rounds.
Small games should not take more than 2 weeks to run - and with staggered starts and 2 concurrent games, a small game should start every week.

So Large game 1 starts within the first week of the month and Large game 2 starts within the second week of the month.
Likewise for small games - Small 1: starts within the first week, Small 2: within the second week, Small 3 starts within the third week of the month and Small 4 starts within the 4th/last week of the month.

There will be overlaps and holes as time progress - but that is just something we'll have to deal with.

I have moved the calendar to a new thread in the main gameroom (https://forums.totalwar.org/vb/showthread.php?126837-Mafia-Hosting-Queue-4.0)