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Peasant Phill
03-11-2010, 19:53

You gingerly fold the gold leaf-lined note back into your pocket, and peer around the lobby once more; scarlet-hued carpets, jet-black leather upholstery and elegant mahogany woodwork tell you that you are in a world of luxury.

You were slightly surprised at being invited to such a prestigious establishment, and the sense of wonder didn't wear off as the taxi ferried you to the airport or train station, nor did it abate as you arrived outside an ornate, marble-lined entrance.

The reception desk was curiously empty, although a brief note explained your stay in further detail, specifically the means of ordering services from the hotel and not to enter the Royal Suite on the top floor; sat next to the note was a pile of brass room keys, each assigned to one of the group.

Sleepy from the travel and overwhelmed by the momentous occasion, you trudge to your room with luggage in tow, before collapsing into a deep sleep.


Welcome to overwatch hotel, a game of disturbing imagery and paranoia. A game for the true survivalist. There are 15 tickets available.

Overwatch hotel is a simple and fast moving role-playing game. It just takes a few minutes of your time every 2 or 3 days. It should be more like a interactive story thanks to the sizable contributions of both Secura and spL1tp3r50naL1ty.

The rules
You can distribute 2 points in total on the following attributes: physique, intelligence and will to survive. Naturally this will influence ingame actions.

Every turn Players can state their action: Look for the way out / Search the building for clues / look for trouble.
- Look for the way out: you値l get a chance to get closer to the exit. You値l need your will to survive and your intellect. If unsuccessful, you値l end up further inside the building.
- When searching for clues, you値l get a chance to find helpful information about the situation you池e in. These clues can be anything and anywhere. You値l need your Intellect and your Physical attributes. If you池e successful, you値l be in a better situation in encounters or when looking for the exit.
- If you decide to look for trouble, you be almost certain to have a confrontation. You値l be able to take a helpful item with you before the confrontation. If you manage to fight off 層hateverisoutthere then the chance of an encounter in the next round will be significantly less for everybody.

You can choose to go with whoever is doing the same. The member with the highest ability counts for that group. Every extra member will add a diminishing bonus to the result of the action (small groups = more actions, bigger groups better chance at success). If you don稚 specify further, it値l be assumed you stayed with the group you were in. Only one group will get an encounter, so many small groups means relative safety while one big group may spell disaster.

You can state the action you値l attempt to do if you have an encounter. This can be stand and fight or Fleeing. If you don稚 state an action it痴 assumed you try to take the same action as the round before.

After every turn, the players regroup again for the next round. Some info is public other private. You may tell everybody what you found out but remember that not everybody may be trusted.


03-11-2010, 19:56
I'm glad you posted this in here, gives people a chance to have a look and give us some feedback. :>

Peasant Phill
03-11-2010, 20:00
That was a fast reply ;)

03-11-2010, 21:12
Will there be a map?

03-11-2010, 22:21
Well, I suggested that via PM, but I'm unsure if PP is implementing it or not. Damn PM purge I did the other night. >.<

I'm just the Storyteller, or one of. :3

Winston Hughes
03-11-2010, 22:28
This definitely sounds like my kind of thing.

03-11-2010, 23:39
Would love to be in.

Peasant Phill
03-12-2010, 19:06
Great, a lot of response already.

Will there be a map?

For the sake of simplicity, there won't be any map. You can group up however you want and perform your action afterwards everybody regroups. Your 'sense of direction' will be provided in the write-ups.

03-12-2010, 19:15
sounds fun...will sign up. :bow:

03-12-2010, 19:54
but I'm unsure if PP is implementing it or not.