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03-12-2010, 18:29
Back in December, I was craving some real life mafia but did not have enough people for a good game. So, I went online and searched for a set-up for a 2 person mafia game. After adapting some ideas I found, I discovered that these micro games are incredibly fun! It also translates well to a 3 player game, which is what this version will be. Yep, 3 player mafia with potentially multiple day phases (no night phases, sadly) and plenty of deception! The game will start next week Wednesday and will last 2-4 days. A full description of the rules will be up by Sunday night CST.

I'm looking for 3 players who share a theme preference.

Possible theme ideas include...

-Classic Mafia
-Harry Potter
-Other Suggestions Welcome

Feel free to indicate multiple preferences or no preference at all.

03-13-2010, 23:12
How does a three player mafia game work? :inquisitive:

Double A
03-18-2010, 01:33
Even more pondering is how a 2-person mafia game works.

Wouldn't the townie automatically know who the mafioso is, and then the mafioso just kill him? That's like Rock Paper Scissors without Paper.

03-19-2010, 02:58
It works very well when playing face to face. The one thing that I forgot was that this style doesn't lend itself to themes and storytelling, which are probably the most important parts of online mafia. Sorry that this never got off the ground. I had a clever idea and forgot to think it through. If anyone is still curious about how to play it in real life, I can probably right up the rules sometime. Otherwise I think I will just let this one die.

03-19-2010, 03:03
Yes please woads. how does it work?

Double A
03-19-2010, 03:23
Really, I don't see how 2 people can play mafia. It would be a tie for the lynch, and assuming you couldn't double lynch, it would be a flip of the coin. And if it was just a "draw" then the townie would die anyway.