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03-16-2010, 14:18
Inishmore is back.

Last game saw the IRA and the British agents try to gain control of a formerly peaceful town of Inishmore. The game ended with the Town survivng, just. El Diablo and Lord Winter survived, lynching the last remaining threat to them, 'khaan.

This revisit comes from a conversation i had with ATPG. He liked his character of Brendan. Brendan was a mafia grunt, when the IRA godfather died, he swam out to sea, in game terms, dieing.

But what if he survived.

The town of Inishmore has sent a group to hunt him down. They know he resides somewhere in the town. (in game terms, he doesnt exist, its purely story)

Town: English townspeople.
Mafia: Inishmorians.

As with the first game, the host will give the total number of roles that exist in the game. That will be clearly known, along with the number of mafia.

There will be no godfather, no mastermind. This is a plain mafia family.

The town though, well, they've got a bit more than what they did last time.

However, I'm still looking for some unique roles. I've got a few I havent seen here on the org before, but please, if you have an idea for a role, throw it to me.

03-16-2010, 14:24
So what kinda game is this? A small one or large? :3

Naturally, I didn't play the last iteration, would would love to get involved in this one. :3

03-16-2010, 16:06
Large game, start of the coming month.

03-17-2010, 00:21
Aww, no mastermind? That was probably the 2nd best role I've ever gotten.(After being mafia for Mafia VIII, just can't beat original)

So, roughly how many roles are you looking at, and how many total players?

edit: you should totally have a necromancer.

03-17-2010, 00:47
Will Pardraic be in the game?

A Very Super Market
03-17-2010, 03:43
Will Pardraic be in the game?

And will he die before he can even start killing? :P

03-17-2010, 03:46
Hahaha, no, no characters from the first one. They're all dead. :laugh4:

A mastermind in this just doesnt work, imo.

Looking at...dunno how many players. Around 40 seems to be right.

Right now: 5 mafia
15 other role PM's

However, its balanced. Depending on if I get another cool idea, mafia may get a buff. No more than 5 members, thats for sure.

Peasant Phill
03-23-2010, 20:42
I'm interested

Sasaki Kojiro
03-23-2010, 20:47
I'm in, as long as one of the mafia rips off jane austen novels in order to frame me.

03-24-2010, 09:34
Yeah, looking for ROLE ideas, not sign ups....


03-29-2010, 14:03
Aftermath and introduction to Revenge:

Brendan pulled himself from the water.

It was a long swim. He wasnt sure how he had made it. But he had escaped from Inishmore.

His boss, Christy was dead.

But they had managed to kill the defector, which was the real reason for starting the terror in Inishmore. Padraic. He had died early.


He had inadvertantly saved Donney and Davey from a terrible fate.


The Welsh and the British fought it out, but the common citizens of Inishmore prevailed. Now they were after him.

He thought back to what Mairead and Padraic could have had


but he knew how it would have ended.


As Brendan dried himself off, he resigned himself to a life of solitude. The Inishmorians would come for him, but they would not find him. His last thoughts while in the civilised world were of all those from Inishmore, who were no more...he was the last named character left.

Back row: Someone, Christy, Joey, Someone, Mairead, Someone, Wee Thomas, Brendan
Front row: Donney, Davey, Padraic