View Full Version : What is your Favorite new feature in NTW.

03-16-2010, 15:38
The supply system? The attrition? The new agents abilities? Or is it something different?

There is a lot new, and there is a lot that is old done with a new twist.

So, what do you like best?


03-16-2010, 16:09
The hats, of course.

Tricorns just don't do it for me. Stovepipes, kivers, belgics, that's where it's at.

03-16-2010, 16:11
Haven't bought the game, but count me as well for the hats. Much better gear and uniforms in NTW than ETW, and really cool battle envoronments and battle maps, it seems. Moody, beautiful and appropriate.

03-16-2010, 18:28
I wish I could answer but I have never played ETW. I'll just say how much I love graphics in NTW and how smooth the engine runs.

03-16-2010, 21:16
The has huh?

Bear Skin with or without brim?

I like the kilts!


See, that had both!


Forward Observer
03-17-2010, 15:05
An old artilleryman's dream--smoking shell craters with bodies strewn all about--and the Uniforms. It's also nice that they finally painted the artillery carriages in colors that approximate what the actual nationalities used--olive green for France, blue-gray for England, apple green for Russia, etc,. It would have been nice if they had modeled the British 6 and 9 pdrs. correctly with single block trail carriages instead of the split trail, but I can live with it. Oh yeah, and although one can still sail into the wind--at least they finally removed the offending incorrect sail from the crossjack on the mizzenmast of all the square riggers.

The absolute biggest and best feature is that in about a week of campaign play and many large single battle tests, I have not encountered a single CTD. I did have one lock-up, but I probably caused it while fiddling with GPU settings. Even after version 1.5 for Empire, I still routinely get CTD's for every 4 or 5 hours of play. It made me so gun-shy that I quick saved after almost every move. It's nice to not have to do that with Napoleon.

Ethelred Unread
03-18-2010, 00:06
For me it's the drop in battle feature. I've never really been into MP before - but this really makes a difference in SP campaigns, you can now lose even the simplest of battles if you get a good opponent and take your eye off the ball.

03-18-2010, 05:10
The new general abilities. Now they actually mean something and have an active role in the battle.