View Full Version : Campaign add-on installation question

A Nerd
03-23-2010, 23:14
I downloaded this mod the custom battle and campaign add on and I can't seem to get the imperial campaign to work. The original mod installed and worked coorectly, but when I unzipped the campaign addon and installed it correctly, I think, the option to play the campaign was unavailable. I opened the data file in the rome folder, opened the data file in the campaign addon folder and installed each item one by one. It still doesen't work. Any help for my situation would be appreciated. The mod is excellent based on what little I've played bye the way!

A Nerd
03-24-2010, 05:29
Please ignore this post! I figured out my mistake, I was copying the data infomation into the wrong data folder! Should have read the readme alittle more closley! I am soooo dumb! Campaign is fun! Great work!