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Demo Story

Franklin Hill, 2046

After the leakage took place, there was no hope anymore.

America had abandoned Franklin Hill, it was better that the public never knew of the horrors that had taken place in the refinement of a once popular city. No one would ask questions as the blissfully ignorant Americans hadn’t a clue, for the majority, it never existed in the first place. Nuclear power had just started to get more and more useful, as fossil fuels had all but been erased from Earth, Nuclear power was the new reliant energy source. Nuclear power was simply an answer to all the problems; it was in near endless supplies and accounted for 95% of the world’s energy supplies. Whilst each citizen had their houses lighted by bright artificial light, their Televisions lit by a radioactive glow and their Nucwaves, cooking any food in milliseconds, nobody questioned where the energy came from, how it worked or if there were any negatives to a nuclear Earth.

Perhaps the largest piece of evidence that Nuclear energy can be disastrous, was lodged in the perpetuity of evil, a hidden secret that would do better to stay that way. As far as the corrupt government saw it, it was just a mistake that would never happen again. Rather suspiciously Franklin hill ‘disappeared’ only days after the world’s first Ultra Nuclear Reactor had been constructed. Using the city’s population as a radioactive playground for mad scientists. It was deemed impossible for an incident like this to happen, but carelessness in this thought was what caused it. The Nuclear plant, placed in the middle of Franklin Hill like a bomb, would radiate though the city in the most horrible way possible...

President Steel’s affairs with the Government’s representative of Franklin Hill had the city’s fate sealed for as cheaply as 50 million dollars, a private jet and a life enhancement drug, known as Nuracine, yet another Product of Nuclear Power. As soon as the paper work to the inhabitants’ rights was overridden or rather ‘misplaced’ they were unknowingly doomed by an oppressor disguised as a messiah. Almost instantly government operatives packed all residences into the nuclear reactor plant for maximum effect, citizens were bludgeoned if they disobeyed and as more and more corpses piled up from doing just that, the majority of the populace did as requested....

As the petrified civilians flooded into the nuclear reactor plant, the doors were locked on them and r-ray cameras were put in place, each civilian, locked up as if in prison, convicted for living, punishment was beyond any hell known to man. It didn’t matter to the heartless bastards who carried the mission out who were, by this point, comfortably out of range of the city and blowing the cash they had just earned on their sweet, innocent children, buying them candies and toys for their upcoming family Christmas.

The metal encased Reactor was more powerful than anyone could have imagined, as a green sticky substance lunged out of its containers core and let off gases that could only be contained with a quick and surprisingly easily solution. The government were more prepared for the incident than they were at preventing it, mostly because they wanted it to happen, to see the effects of intense radiation after new theories into immortality.... A giant black dome was dropped around Franklin Hill, pushed down into place with spikes and made of a 60 meter thickness of lead shell , it also had the profusely tested Nuccists attached to it, silver strips on the surface of the dome that stop radioactive particles from diffusing through the dome. With the help of many operative helicopters, trapping the residence and the radiation into a devilish fusion to breed the vilest mutations imaginable was all in a days work.

Some of the residence were simply so contaminated they didn’t die, but lived on as demented disfigured beasts, promising for the scientists that predicted immortality in the populace, citizens legs turned to testicle resembling sludge’s, arms grew 10, 20 feet, draping across the polluted floor, and minds? Well the minds of the victims were truly distorted; disturbed and destructive.... the once vibrant tropical vegetation and stunning sea that surrounded the city was now a chemically ruined pit at the epitome of horror and isolation.

The problem however was that people would find out about the disclosed disaster soon enough and the President knew this only too well. A giant black dome doesn’t go without noticing and so; He mastered a deceptive plan to burn the Hill to the ground at all costs after the radioactive creatures had been tested, even at Mother Nature’s cost. His false admiration of America conceived him as a messiah, but mentally, he was basking in the popularity he received from being one of the evilest men that had ever plagued the planet.

Soon, his plan would be finished; each resident, convicted for crimes they didn’t commit. Removed individually. Contained. Studied. Burned to cinders. Removing them meant sending in more government operatives though, which would require the best radioactive suits ever made a long with some good equipment and skilled fighters, the leakage had occurred, now was as good as any time to face the demons they created.

However, the contaminated citizens of Franklin hill were far more empowered than anyone thought, inside the opaque dome lived a new species, that would kill any of its rivals happily and mindlessly and as the persistent radiation began to wear away at the dome, not even the governments men were truly safe.

Soon a peaceful planet would erupt into Chaos, only time could tell what would happen, as the manmade monsters were convicts in their own city, there was no way out of there sentence for life, or eternity perhaps in their cold nuclear reactor. Perhaps these creatures would show the world exactly what did happen on one cold December afternoon, in the most unpleasant way possible if the operatives fail, or perhaps the government would cover this one lie of many and see the ghastly creatures out till the very bitter end, or maybe these creatures mutated differently, no one knew if there were different varieties of the ruined citizens, some may well be out to kill everything they see...

Real Story

Franklin Hill, 2186, December 19th (the new prime summer time, after massive climate change)

You aren't getting the whole real story yet :wink:



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Convicts is the first Large game I have hosted, after hosting a few small and mini mafia games. The plot revolves around the Earth's energy supplies grounding to a halt and the inevitable usage of nuclear power to be put into place, it isn't realistic, but I'd like to think the writing isn't too monotonous to get through. I didn't really have massive inspiration for this game, it was just a random thought which came up after learning more about Chernobyl, after seeing some of the victims of radioactivity I thought it was a horrible destructive force, which is why it should make for a gruesome game. There are around 28-32 roles, 3 alignments, Franklin Hill's inhabitants (Town), The Government (Mafia) and a special breed of the Franklin Hill's inhabitants (Monster), each will have a decent chance of winning, a 3 way divide should lead to more competition hopefully. On top of this there will be a lot of diverse roles, but not overpowered ones, many will just have smaller perks which don't upset the balance of the game, I am also interesting in finding someone who could check over my games details so they know if its balanced or not, of course that person wouldn't be allowed to play. There are traditional roles, mad roles and your good old plain roles. This is the most prepared I've ever been for a game so hopefully I will be able to make it exciting for anyone who chooses to play. Given I'm hosting when Tincow is, I'm not expect sign ups to be easy though.



-Abstaining & No Lynch are not allowed, this should encourage players not to be neutral, you must choose sides for this game.

-Make sure you unvote if you change your vote, vote in an unedited post or it won't be counted.

-Screenshots, Quotes with there original target sourced or any other damning evidence may never be shared on thread, it is game breaking to do so.

-Forgery & Role Revealing is allowed.

-There will be 48 hour days and 24 hour nights, hopefully. We will start on a Night Phase most likely.

-You must post at least Once per phase (day and night combined, once every 72 hours isn't much to ask), failure to do so will lead to your characters death, not replacement, but death, by being inactive you let your team down.

- In the event of a tie (even if its a 10 way tie) all players in question will be killed.

- After death, you may contribute, but not reveal your role or revealing damning evidence.

-Read the rules carefully and read them again when the game officially starts, it still needs some tweaking so things may change.

-You must have fun! Contribute and appreciate the beautiful chats you should all be making, whilst savouring my amazing write ups! :grin: .


Your Role PM's will all have this kind of layout:


-Summary Of Role-

-Information about role, including Name, Age, alignment, gender and other information that you may get at the start of the game-

-Skills and abilities, what you can get up to in the night (or day) if anything at all-

Any abilities you have should be specific as to when and how you use them, the role pm will inform you with a lot of the essentials you need, it is important to abide by your Role PM and the Rules in order to play a fair and honest game.

Other General Information:

- All roles will be given out randomly, no flawed logic of 'pros always getting good roles' will be applicable for my game, it will be entirely random.

- About half of the roles in the game are not generic, the rest are, giving you a decent chance of having an interesting role, even as a generic character the game should still be fun, watching the chaos, the write ups, analyzing people and trying to beat the 2 opposing alignments to your own should keep you busy.

- If you are a fairly experienced player, don't want to play but want to see the games mechanics, PM me and you can check if my game is balanced as well as know everything I do, which can be fun. :bounce:

- If you are interested, I accept pre Sign ups, and will list them here so you get first places on the list when the game begins, pick any slot you want:

Sign Up List:

-slot 2-
-slot 3-
-slot 4-
-slot 5-
-slot 6-
-slot 7-
-slot 8-
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Looks like fun.

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Looks like fun.

Thanks, I'm glad someone took aside the time to look. :grin:


lol, you get slot 1 Methos :smiley:

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This one does look interesting. Down with the government! Definitely put me in for a sign up and unless Renata signed up, then looks like I get slot #1! :)

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I'll have to see whats happening when this comes around.

If I'm free... I'm definitely in :yes:

04-04-2010, 10:47
I volunteer to abstain from play and look over your game setup for balance.

04-04-2010, 18:19
I volunteer to abstain from play and look over your game setup for balance.

Probably a good choice :grin:

I will give them to you about a month before the game starts, maybe 6 weeks? Unless of course someone else volunteers and you want to back down. :tongue:

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Hey peoples, just to say I'm around, I should have time to host my game in my slot :)

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i'm interested.

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Reserve me a spot if you can :D

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So is this going to happen and if so, when? Anyway, if I'm around I'd like to be IN as well. :yes: