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06-04-2010, 03:14
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*Full volume Please*

Thunder rumbled in the distance.

Inside the building, all that could be heard was gentile breathing, the whir of the fans in the air ducts, and a lone person walking slowly.


The noise was punctuated by another noise following it, a metal food tray hitting the floor.


"Here, enjoy" the voice say, mockingly, before slamming the cage shut once more.



and soon the man would be at his cell, dropping his daily meal through the slot for him like he was some sort of animal.
It disgusted him...

More footsteps, closer, closer, and closer. Then.

The exterior door opened, and the slot slowly slide open on the interior door, a pair of eyes peeked through at the man.
He had seen these eyes before...

They disappeared and were replaced with a shiny metal object.


A small tray was dropped on the floor, some steam came off of it, and some food was spilled.

The eyes reappeared at the slot, and stared into his own. The cold eyes reflected the cold heart of a wicked man, intent on naught good.
The man smiled horribly.

"I feel like I haven't seen you in ages!" he exclaimed, laughing.
"Enjoy your dinner," he closed the latch.


"You filthy :daisy:ing animal..."


The door slammed shut, and he ran across the room. Kicking the metal tray aside, and into the wall.

He picked it up and began pounding it on the wall, screaming at the man.
"You mother:daisy:er, I'll get you! You can't keep me in here forever, you hear me? I'll get out of here!"


The guard picked up his walkie talkie, still outside the cell...


"Go ahead."

"Yeah, cell 1 is getting a little rowdy..."

"Well what do you want me to do about it?"

"How about you drop that attitude and get your :daisy: down here and help me?"


A long sigh, then "Yeah.... fine.... I'm not holding him this time though...."

"Fine, just get down here."


He immediately knew what was going to happen, they were going to come down there and drug him up.
He backed up into the room, holding the now empty metal tray as a makeshift weapon.

He was ready for them.

He was ready for anything.



The door exploded inwards, towards him. Just as, he imagined, it was designed to do.

The two men entered in what appeared to be riot gear, he charged the first one, the leader of the two.

He struck the large black man in the head with the tray several times, screaming expletives the whole time.
He wasn't going to go down this easy.

The man seemed to absorb the blows however, and before he could tell what was happening, the other man grabbed him from behind.

He held him in a full nelson, his arms and neck under the control of this larger man.

The other man stepped back and held his head,
"Ow.... you little :daisy:er."


The fist landed squarely on his chin, his head had no way to go backwards, so the full force went down his back, shaking him.

He slumped forward and panted... He wasn't going down this easily.

He began kicking, at the legs of the man holding him, but before he could make any progress a pair of hands gripped the back of his head.


The knee caught him in the nose, and he slumped even further, falling to his knees, while the man behind him moved to keep his grip.

"Sonnofa...." the man striking him grabbed his knee in pain.
"Hard headed... figures..."

He stepped back out into the hallway, while the other man continued to hold him.

"No..." he quietly moaned, struggling to breathe under the weight of the man holding him down.



He pushed with all of his might up, trying to lift Adam up off of him, but he simply pushed back down, shoving his face into the ground.

The second man returned with a syringe, which he jabbed into the side of the defeated man's neck.

Adam let go of the man, ":daisy:ing hell Will, I told you I didn't want to hold him. Almost got loose..."

"Yeah well, if you hadn't said it clear as day on the radio, maybe I would've let you have your way."

They picked the man up and put him on a cart, wheeling him off as he drifted into unconsciousness.


I awake in my room, or rather my cell again...
I am unsure of what day it is, or how much time has passed...
My head hurts, and my neck aches where the syringe jabbed me...

I lay on my back, staring at the stone ceiling of the room.
...and I think...

My time will come.

....They'd taught me hate....

I will escape.

...Now I'll teach them fear...

I will free the imprisoned.

...Open their eyes, and kill despair...

I will have revenge on the man who put him here.

...He tried to bleed the life from me...

....and I vow...

Son of a :daisy:

I am going to



Welcome to Break You

Break you is a small mafia game hosted by myself, to be played by 17 persons. I absolutely cannot accept less than 17 players without changing the balancing drastically, so please be aware of this :bow:

I'm being very tight lipped about info, but it's not going to be some crazy ATPG stuff (Read: No you can't lynch me :laugh4:) but it still will be a fun game if all goes according to plan.

I'm going to start signups (Preregistration?) in here because I'm in the June slot, I just need to finish role PMs before I can start.

Sign ups: (6/17)


06-04-2010, 05:14

06-04-2010, 05:54

06-04-2010, 07:01
Yep in.

06-04-2010, 20:21

06-04-2010, 21:28
Reserve player if you need me!

06-04-2010, 22:15
I'll sign up, sure; looks like it's going to be fun. :3

06-07-2010, 16:44
This needs some love and I like small games a lot. In.

Winston Hughes
06-07-2010, 18:32
Love the story and the music. Count me in.

06-08-2010, 19:17
Status update Number One
Tuesday, June 8th

Updating this to let you guys know what's going on so far with the game...

Signature created/implimented
Advertising post in Assembly Yard
Characters created
Powers determined
Slot in queue secured

In Progress: (Estimated Time of Completion)
Selecting songs (This week) Feel free to aid in this by sending me youtube/newgrounds links!
Composing/Arranging main theme (Today/Tomorrow)
Role PMs/Individual character backstories (Sun, June 13th - Wed, June 16th)
Addressing balancing issues (Sun, June 13th - Sun, June 20th)

To Be Completed: (ETC)
Opening post (Sun, June 20th)
Record main theme (Wed, June 9th - Thu, June 10th)

I have no estimates for when the game will begin, there is still one game ahead of me on the queue, and three running right now so, possibly by around June 20th. Which is why these things are such rough dates, so if anything changes these dates are absolutely flexible.

Graduating Friday, so I've got a bit of a crunch that day and Saturday, but afterwards it should be very easy to get things done.

Looking forward, as ever, to hosting :bow:

06-10-2010, 00:31
I'll join as reserve :bow:

06-10-2010, 06:33
I'll probably have to drop out. June 19th to the 26th my wife and I are on vacation, so I really doubt I'm going to be able to spend much time on this. Let someone else who will be available have my spot.

06-11-2010, 01:01
Sorry to hear that Methos, good luck on the vacation however!