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Trapped in Samsara
06-24-2010, 14:11

I've just checked the official TW site and I see that there are no less than 5 DLC packs advertised there! Which prompts me to ask: if you had bought all of NTW's thus far released additional content and the basic game on the day of release of each product, how much would you have shelled out by now?

Also, is there yet more DLC in prospect? If yes, what?

Dollars or sterling would be just fine.

Thanks in advance for anyone kind enough to indulge me.

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06-24-2010, 15:47
I'd say about $70.00 US. More you say well I hope so because I still do not have the Grand Battery of the Convention, Scots Greys and I think there is a ship called the Wale or something. I think the TW Games have gotten out of hand. The DLC is just not right. The fact that some players can have certain units and others can not is just wrong. So I didn't pre order the original NTW but I should not be punished. I should at least be able to purchase any missing units that other people have. Well there it is my 2 cents worth.

06-25-2010, 10:29
I bought Napoleon Imperial Edition in a shop for £16.99, which comes supplied with the Elite Regiments pack
Added to this I bought Units of the Coalition DLC for £1.99
I just bought Peninsular Campaign DLC for £5.99 (haven't tried it yet but being a fan of the Sharpe TV series, I just had to get the Peninsular units)
So for me at least, total cost to date is £24.97

As far as I can see, other DLC packs relate to Empire rather than Napoleon.

The future? Don't know for definite (I'm just guessing), but as Peninsular Campaign stops at 1814, surely there'll be at least one more DLC campaign to cover Napoleon's final year (maybe called "the fight for France" or something similar)... then we'll have the complete Napoleon from early days right through to his final demise.

Trapped in Samsara
06-25-2010, 14:33

Thanks for that you two.

I've just checked http://www.totalwar.com/buynow again, and there are five NTW DLCs showing under its Downloadable Content.

I guess I'm just trying to get a handle on how far the video gaming industry (Or at least CA/SEGA.) has moved along the road of 'incremental-ism' in terms of its product development, marketing, and sales strategies. I fear that there's a perceptible trend which won't stop at simply 'milking' the fanbase for minor add-ons now that Steam and online authentication are an established feature.

Expect to be paying per hour of play in the not-so-distant future, folks.

(Do I get to say, 'You heard it here first'?)

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Sapere aude

06-25-2010, 15:03
Well, we can look at “cost” in more than one way.

I look at PC games as just one more entertainment item. I spent $13 to see Shrek in 3D last night. It lasted about 90 minutes. I liked it. It was, IMO, money well spent.

I have season tickets for University of Maryland football (Yank football, not soccer). They cost about $15 to $20 per hour but I love the game and they are worth it to me.

So if, when all is said and done (and purchased), a game gets to be pennies per hour played, or even a buck or two, I’d have to say that a bargain was had.

06-25-2010, 16:11
I don't mind DLC too much, although this is my first experience of them... what I'm not sure about though is that when I need a new PC and install game on new PC, do I have to buy DLC again? If so, then that's an aspect I'm not so keen on - but I agree that a game that has so much to offer in terms of hours played (especially multiplayer too) then I don't feel ripped off at all.

06-25-2010, 21:30
what I'm not sure about though is that when I need a new PC and install game on new PC, do I have to buy DLC again?

No, not with STEAM. A STEAM account keeps track of your purchases. My son recently built a new machine and reinstalling his STEAM games was not a problem at all.

06-25-2010, 23:33
The DLC are not bad really the units are very cheap (a sandwich form the shop at work costs more) and the Peninsular Campaign looks like a nice add on to the game as a whole.