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08-16-2010, 12:28
I have not seen this adressed on this forum, but it seems to be a rather big issue.

So to the point, CA has lately thought it a good idea to add extra units after release, that can be used in multiplayer games.

Some of them come for "free", while others must be paid for.

What is your take on this?

In my not so humble opinion, it is totally idiotic, specialy since CA claim they will put extra effort into multiplayer this time around.

Why, you might ask? Some reasons comes to mind.

A) It destroys "fair game", when some players have access to certain units. Even if they are balanced, it is always a bonus to have access to units others have not. A mid-level bought unit can be more efficient as the last choice with the gold left, than an upgraded lighter one.

B) This means you might well come across units you have no idea how they work. How do you deal with a unit you have never seen before?

C) I am generaly against players paying more having an advantage in a strategic game.

So what are the solutions?

Well, if CA see no other option that to include these extra units after release to a group of players, then:

A) Make them only work in single player.

B) Make everyone have access to them in multiplayer (this has the added bonus that people who like the units then might be inclined to buy them to use in singleplayer also).

C) Make 2 lobbys, one where additional units are allowed, one with vanilla units only. This is also viable as it means those paying can face each other only. The downside is of course that the playerbase of available players roughly halves(ish).

Thoughts? Suggestions?

Thank you for your time :)

08-16-2010, 14:02
I don't like the idea of extra units for extra $$ in MP at all. That being said however, if the MP host has the ability to prohibit the use of said extra units by checking a box in the MP game setup, then I'd be fine with it. I just wouldn't play in games where the bonus units were being used.

I like these options: 1) they be single player only, or 2) they are available to all in MP, as an incentive for players who like them to buy them for SP.

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08-16-2010, 16:29
I'm not a fan of this new trend that's starting in RTS games now, but if they said they thought about it they most certainly will.

Especially if it's just new units because you had modders that do that for free. I'd be cool if you could download from the host new units that same fan created instead of paying a few extra bucks for a few units.

They should just do expansions with the mp stuff included since we should also have a mp campaign now and the added campaign stuff should be for the mp campaign as well. If they do downloads at least make it worth the money and not pay X amount of $ for a few units. No Thanks...

Them selling bits and peices makes it seem like they are just trying to milk some extra cash from thier customers. :(

08-16-2010, 18:26
Developers, especially on the PC front, have been desperately seeking new streams of revenue. Retail sales have been declining steadily over the years mainly due to piracy and the rise of the online dimension. Subscription-based games, online distribution (e.g. Steam) and downloadable content (DLC) have become the fulcrum of the gaming business model. Take a look at the Q2 figures published recently by Activision: the main factors behind the profitable quarter were a) WoW subscriptions b) Modern Warfare 2 DLC Map Packs. This is the future, and it has nothing to do with user experience. It's just about money. This way publishers reel in extra revenue post-release coupled with less costs due to not having to pack or physically distribute anything. For anyone of you who are in the world of corporate business, I don't need to tell you that the post-2009 recession motto is "doing more with less".

I personally think the whole concept of DLC is rubbish from the point of view of being a customer. While I appreciate developers making more money and giving us bigger and better games; I also feel that when I fork out €40 for a game I should be given a full, complete game - and not having to buy additional tidbits at a later date. Moreover, I can't help but feel that DLC are almost daylight robbery. I say 'almost' because at the end of the day nobody forces you to buy anything: its exclusively our choice and the responsibility is ours only. However, DLC are usually small and low in quality but the low price makes you automatically think 'Why Not?'. The stream of thought often ends up with us entering our credit card number and satisfying our innate human need for self gratification. Publishers use and abuse this fact about the human psyche. In this light, I think DLC are neat marketing tricks with a small dose of deceit added in the mix. Somehow, that ticks me off. Maybe others feel the same, I don't know.

As for Shogun2, I think DLC such as extra units are inevitable. Disabling their use in multiplayer is a neat idea but sadly unfeasible since the publisher will never approve a move which might detract people from buying the DLC. However, if CA state that they want to focus on multiplayer, they need to make sure that nobody has an unfair advantage. They can do this in various ways but the best option in my book is for the host to have the option to disable DLC units in his games.

08-17-2010, 03:23
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