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08-17-2010, 13:23
I've got couple of games planned.
One for the org (small game) one for TWC (Large game) and one which is still being developed and needing some input from experienced hosts :bow:

Small game- Beefy in Love
I'm in love :laugh4:
My lifes like a roller coaster recently, at the height when I received mail from her. Then scored all time low when she havn't replied back...

Anyhow, in this classical set up mafia, players will play two sides of my mental world. Townies will be against Beefy getting this girl, as they know that I don't deserve it.

Mafia will fight for Beefys pinpin life. If the 2 mafias successfully eliminates the town, maybe Beefy too will be successful do well with this girl.

Large game- Cave of life (TWC)
Part one of my recent experiment. Combining mafia game with other popular games. Won't tell you what this game is based on, but its going to be one mafia vs over 40 townies.

Townies aim is not to eliminate the mafia, but to be the first one to reach the goal at the end of the game. Mafias' aim is to eliminate all the towns.

Large game- Alternative world. Japan-1960
Inspired by the map I've seen recently along with bit of Code Geass. Part II of my little experiment. This is going to be Mafia meets "Risk"


Before the Japanese surrendered in the world war II, this was what allied forces had in their mind, to divide up Japan. Red represents Soviet, Blue represent USA, Yellow represents National Party China (Modern day Taiwan) and Green represents regions under British rule.

Faction (One player each)

*Japanese rebels
-The Organizer (Leader of the Japanese rebellion)
-Loyal people to the Emperor (Those who still fanatically worships the Emperor)
-Freedom for the Japanese people
-Anti Western people of Japan

*Tokyo (Shares QT)
-Rebellion representative (Part of Japanese rebels)
-American Embassy (Part of team USA)
-Soviet Embassy (Part of team Soviet)
-Chinese Embassy (Part of team China)
- British Embassy (Part of team Britain)

*America 11 players + (7)
- Kanto (6 players. 7 including Tokyo)
- Okinawa (2 players)
- Chuubu (8 players. 9 if Fukui is on Americas side)
- Mie (1 player)
- Kinki (6 players if on Americas side)

*Chinese National Party 4 players + (7)
- Shikoku (4 players. 5 Including Tokyo)
- Fukui (1 player if on Chinas side)
- Kinki excluding Mie (6 if on Chinas side)
- Taiwan? To balance things

* Soviet 8 player+ (1 in Tokyo)
-Hokkaido (2 player)
-Tohoku (6 player)

* Britain 12 player+ (1 in Tokyo)
-Chugoku (5 player)
-Kyusyu (7 player)

How game works
As I said "Risk" system. Which I haven't fully figured out how its going to work. Especially for the Japanese rebels. China is going to have a hard time if they can't get the neutral provinces on their side, instead of America.

Each faction is going to "fight" each other. They will "work" with each other to stop the Japanese rebels. But each of them are working to be the greatest power in Japan. Faction which holds the greatest amount of provinces after set of turns will win. There will be lynches too.

I'll probably need to learn a lot from the Throne Room. See how they are doing it.
And I'll need a heck of a lot players. But this game should be fun.

Hope you'll enjoy the games :bow: