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Peasant Phill
08-19-2010, 20:39
I like to start a small wushu RPG game here at the org. I'm looking for 4 or 5 orgahs that have 5 minutes of time every day and like to try this special RPG.

Wiki on Wushu (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wushu_(role-playing_game))
Rules of wushu (http://wiki.saberpunk.net/Wushu/WushuOpenRules)

I've have an outline of a story in my mind but it's up to the consensus amongst the players which style it will actually be in:

- Scooby doo: fun, giggles and meddling kids
- Pan's labyrinth: innocent minds in not so innocent situations
- Alice in wonderland: bizarre encounters with crazed characters
- X-men: lots of heroic action
- other

08-20-2010, 02:22
I'd say in, and for pan's labrynth

or perhaps something similarly dark and gritty, I could think of a few :o

Double A
08-20-2010, 02:45
I'll try it, sure.

Alice in Wonderland sounds fun. And insane. Let's do that.

08-20-2010, 05:22
Alice in Wonderland as long as we get to play the Mad Hatter.

Peasant Phill
08-20-2010, 19:00
Well it wouldn't be the story of Alice in wonderland, only the same atmosphere.

I had a story in mind starring Belgian folkloric figures but if there is a consensus about what to play then it's fine by me.

Peasant Phill
08-23-2010, 21:37
Are you guys still up for it? I've thought out a good framework of a story to work with, it's somewhat similar to Alice in wonderland. Of course you'll also be responsible for the atmosphere of the game itself. 3 players is a decent number to start a first game with but if you happen to know someone else who would like to join, don't hesitate to ask.

Would you like a summary of the rules of Wushu or have you figured them out yourself?

08-23-2010, 21:39
I've read the rules you've posted and am still up for the game :bow:

Double A
08-24-2010, 01:55
Even if I read them I doubt I'll get them. A summary would be nice.

Peasant Phill
08-24-2010, 19:26
Summary of the Wushu rules:
Main principles
- Principle of narrative truth: everything you describe happens exactly that way at that time.
<=> veto: anyone can veto a describtion if they feel that that description is not 'in genre' with the kind of story the group has agreed upon.
<=> coup de grace: the scene/conflict/obstacle... has to be resolved first before someone can narrate a complete victory over that scene/conflict/obstacle...
- Descriptions: every detail described earns the player a die (up to the die cap for that scene)
everything is a detail: actions, dialog, environment, inner monologue, wardrobe, ...
<=> keep 'in genre' to avoid a veto

Players make a character with 3 traits (physical, social, skill) for which he can 'buy' extra points. If an action is performed that can't be cataloged as one of the mentioned traits, then the standard score is 2.

Scenes are broken up in rounds which are in turn broken up in descriptions and the resolution

Description: everybody describes his/her part of the round (can be back and forth between players and/or GM) and earns a die per detail added
Resolution: dice will be divided between offense (yang) and defense (yin) and then rolled to further the scene.

After the description the players chose a relevant trait and divide there earned dice (dice pool) in yin and yang dice. Yin dice protects the narrative power of the player, yang dice bring the scene to its resolution. If the ying dice don't give enough successes then the player will lose a chi point. If a player's chi drops below 0 then the player can't loses his influence on the scene (= can't narrate anymore until next scene).

At the end of a scene, the victor can make a coup de grace by narrating the end of the scene.

I can see that it seems quite difficult at first but you only have to play one scene to get the hang of it.

Double A
08-24-2010, 22:45
Alright, I can probably do that.

Peasant Phill
08-25-2010, 21:52
To make it even more clear an in game example:
In a scene where Lacie falls in a pool of her own town tears, she struggles to get on dry land. Dice cap is 6, her player has to throw at least 2 yin (defensive) successes every round to prevent her from losing chi. The scene is also near its end as Lacie’s player only needs to throw 1 yang (offensive) success to end it.

Her player describes:
Lacie feels the strength in her arms ebb away which is quickly replaced with a stinging pain. She can see the sun breaking through surface of the water getting dimmer and dimmer. A feeling of resignation takes control of her for just a moment: “This doesn’t seem so bad…”
“No she can’t give up now!” With the last ounces of strength left in her frail body, she thrusts towards the sun. Lacie breaks the surface near a large piece of wood. She climbs on it and crumples in a ball of exhaustion.

Now for the resolution:
Lacie’s player has described enough to earn 6 dice (the cap). He divides them evenly between yin (defensive) and yang (offensive). He also reckons that the most relevant trait Lacie used was her trait pigheaded 4.
The player rolls and gets yin 5, 5, 3 and yang 2, 6, 4. Every die equal or below 4 is a success.
This means that Lacie loses a point of chi (needed 2 successes and rolled only one) but it’s alright as she still has 1 point left( if Lacie went in to negative chi, her player would lose his narrative power over the scene). It also means that the scene has come to its conclusion (2 yang successes rolled, 1 needed), Lacie’s player gets to describe a coup de grace.

Coup de grace:
Seconds pass, minutes, hours? Lacie isn’t at all aware of the passage of time. A soft thud wakes her from her catatonic state. Her makeshift raft had drifted against the embankment of the pool. The girl leaves the piece of wood for dry land and exclaimed firmly “that’s the last time I’ll let THAT emotion get the best of me”. Lacie then wanders further into this strange land.

08-28-2010, 06:30
I like the look of this, I was wanting to do a similar game, but I am worried I might have had to invent my own rule-set.

If you have a space, I would like to join in. :bow:

Peasant Phill
08-28-2010, 16:32
Sorry, I've been really busy for a few days.
I'll start a thread in the game room on monday. In the mean time I'll send a character sheet to you.

Beskar, you'd be more than welcome to join.

09-05-2010, 20:49
Actually, this sounds nice. I think you've started the thread already, but I suspect that an additional character can be written into the story?