View Full Version : WHAT????? A new STW????? REally??? omg omg

08-29-2010, 13:40
Please say I'm not dreaming?

Hi guys:happy:

Tsar Alexsandr
08-29-2010, 14:02
You indeed are not. :D There's even video of it now.
Yeah, it's going to be great.

08-29-2010, 14:15
Omg! Panic! I'm old, my old warhorse died years ago, my suit of armour is rusty and prolly won't fit me anymore.



08-29-2010, 16:23
Welcome back Kas. I have a split in my armour's pants from the last time I played STW earlier this year, so I feel your pain. :laugh4:

08-29-2010, 22:13
Nice to see you here Kas. Hope all is well. Many of us here have the same problem. Still have some time to get in shape before the battles start. Time for long walks, Tai Chi, and protein diet. And lots of quality time with mamasan!

08-29-2010, 23:17
Hello Togakure :bow:

08-30-2010, 00:45
Hello there, welcome back to the .org! Always nice to see old members returning. Don't worry, we kept your straight jacket just the way you left it. ~D

08-30-2010, 21:56
Lol I thought I was dreaming too :)

08-31-2010, 19:48
Hiya Kas


09-08-2010, 02:53
This is going to be great, saw the news a while ago myself, and I can't wait!

I hope it will capture the old spirit...because I have not been able to play NTW for any protracted period..So cheers to S2TW!