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09-28-2010, 02:12
Some people may already be familiar with the idea of the game "Roll to Dodge."

Basically, everyone get to post an action every phase. I will roll a dice to determine the success or failure. 1 means complete utter failure, which means you will do the opposite of what you intended to do. 6 means you will overshoot a success, which may be good or bad depending on exactly what the action was (although usually not too bad).

There is a special setting in which you all begin with. Some mods allow you to exit that immediate area and interact with the world. For example, some people in the RtD back in CFC are in hell or something while the rest of us is on real earth. Oh yeah, and I am on a seperate dimension of existence where I can do no harm and no harm can come to me. ****.

I, however, will never allow you to do any of those nonsense unless it has to do something about you being flung millions of miles and impaled against Mount Olympus on Mars.

You may also not use any abilities or items that I have not told you that you have. For example, you cannot just suddenly use a sword you never had to decapitate Spartacus the Undead Barbarian or use psionic powers that I never said you have to blast away a mountain.

You can, however, gain them by using crazy methods such as searching your pockets for them (note that you cannot search your pockets unless you have clothes :p).

Anyways, you win if you are the last man standing. However, as that often tend to drag out the game for years, I decided to give you a certain objective for you all to journey towards.

Anyways, here is an example of how the game might progress...

You all wake up on an Antarctic snowfield. There is a stark mad raving batshit insane stork (I told you it was insane! It was insane for BEING THERE IN THE FIRST PLACE!!!) nearby, fluttering about and screeching on and on about "Iaghiaghcthuhufhtagngh."

You also notice a giant crashed space ship and a small red buttom labelled "Do not Touch."

Oh, and you are also naked. Might be a good time to mention that before you all freeze to death.

Diamondeye: Grab the stork so that I can use it as a coat.

Roll: 2. You fumble around in the snow for a bit before tripping on Secura.

Secura: Get off me you :daisy:! Shove Diamondeye off.

Roll: 6. You kick Diamondeye in the unmentionables, making him fly up until he hits the sky box and flinging everyone else 10 feet away towards the RED BUTTON OF DOOM MWAHAHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

Roll to Dodge: 4 (damn): miraculously, nobody hits the button.


Anyways, that is how the game goes. I was thinking about the placing the setting of this game at the sub basement of a GIANT tower, and you had to claw your way to the top to get the SACRED TREASURE.

09-28-2010, 07:43
*Pained look* Why is it Secura has to kick me in the unnmentionables before either of us have actually joined?

Oh the hell, I'm in. Hopefully, this can mean revenge :laugh4:

10-02-2010, 17:51
Sure thing, count me in.
The other RtD game is kinda dormant, but I really like the concept and am looking forward to seeing more of them over here.

10-03-2010, 20:59
I'm in.

10-04-2010, 03:26
Here's the link if you wish to join... (https://forums.totalwar.org/vb/showthread.php?130989-Roll-to-Dodge-The-Gem-of-Eternity)